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10 Things You Did Not Know Guys Notice During Sex!

By- Jyoti Gupta

You would be conscious about how you look naked and what your partner will think about your curves, you will try to stay confident but deep down somewhere you will be worried about how is he going to react. But the truth is men are mostly lost in the things during sex to notice anything but there are still some little things men notices about your body and no, that is not your scars. Here are the things you did not know guys notice during sex.

  1. How your body reacts to their touch

They notice your body’s reaction as when it shivers twists, rolls, and wiggles when they touch you. And they do it again to make you feel the same sensation.


  1. The way you moan

They notice all the moans and sexy sounds you produce when they do something right to you and do it again and again.

  1. The texture of your skin against their skin

Guys notice how your skin feels when you move together between the sheets.

  1. Your boobs

 Boys are strangely fascinated towards boobs and this is their chance to have a better view of them and play with them.


  1. Your expressions when you are close

They love to notice your facial expressions as to how your eyes roll when you shut your eyes, how your mouth opens up, how you enjoy their touch. They notice it all.

  1. Your squeezable butts

 This is their opportunity to play with them, squeeze them and spank. They notice how squeezable your butt is!!

  1. The things you initiate

They love it when you initiate and guide their hand on your own. It gives them the feel that you are enjoying it and are feeling strong enough. If you do not initiate, it makes them feel as if you are hesitant.


  1. How your body fits with their body

Women’s body is one interesting thing with all those beautiful curves and hollows. Guys love to see how their body fits with your body.

  1. How you smell

 Human has their own smell and guys love your smell. They keep wondering how you smell so wonderful all the time.

  1. How you taste

This is something guys really notice every time. Every time you turn on, they wish to turn you on even more.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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