24 Lessons I Learned Thus Far In My 24 Years!

By- Shreya Sharma

This is for all those turning 24, or is 24 or has recently been 24, basically for all girls out there, this is the time evaluate the lessons you learned through the passage of your life. Take a look back at your life and see how far you have come, and what all you left behind. As you grow, there will be moments of regret, pride, fear, self-reflection and soul-searching. There would be the time when you might have had the thought that you just cannot make it now, but then here you are thinking how you sailed even through the odds. Here are 24 lessons I learned thus far in my 24 years.

  1. How to say ‘NO’

Saying no does not show that you are being rude, lame or you are weak. You might feel that your ‘no’ will hurt someone’s feelings, but most people do not give a shit about it. Just learn to be graceful while doing it.


  1. Your parents are usually right

When you are young, you rebel and do not understand your parents’ point of view, but as you grow old, you realize that 90% of times your parents were right with their decisions. They have experience which we acknowledge a little late.

  1. You can always turn the table around

It is never too late to change your mind, even if it leads to some awkward, difficult situations.

  1. You feel protective of teenagers

When we are the teenager, we feel we have intelligence, huge heart, ambitions, and curiosity. But as we grow old and face that situation where we just wish to be a part of everything, we realize how life is! I have teenage brothers and feel hell protective about them I provide them guidance and want to be their shield in troubles. I have that parental streak for them.

  1. Call your mom

She loves you the most and can be your emotional anchor. She is the best guide you can have and the best pillow to hug in. She can be your absolute solution to every problem.


  1. You need not feel ashamed of your wants and interests

There is nothing wrong with what you do and what choices you make. You should not be afraid of being judged.

  1. Stay away from phone

We all are addicted to our phones. We all have the habit to scan our Facebook, Instagram and every other account every now and then, but is it actually giving rest to our mind? Is it that necessary to be on the phone before you sleep and waste half an hour that you can use to rest your mind and sleep? Learn to put your phone away.

  1. Budgeting your finance

As an adult, you must know your saving schemes, retirement plans and when to stop shopping. There is no harm in splurging on something you really want as treat; you just need to have a discipline.

  1. Speak kindly of others

Gossiping makes you feel good at that very moment, but later you may feel bad about it and may feel as if your soul is being corrupt. Saying good about others never makes you feel bad. So, now you know which route is better.

  1. Learn to make yourself happy

Learn to treat yourself and support yourself if things go wrong. When things get hard, spending time by yourself is the best cure you need, because then you will know what you want.


  1. Doing right things is not the easiest thing

To make decisions that are true to yourself, you need to be courageous. Your moral principles are your guard to set you out of fear. You have to be courageous to do right things even if you do not like the consequences.

  1. Grow your passion

Even if you hate your job, get time to do what you love because that is important too and makes you feel happy.

  1. Letting go of old friends is not always sad

As you grow up, you realize who is worth keeping in your life. As an adult, you do not have time to have the pack of friends and people eventually leave. This is when you realize who your true friends are. And you are not sad about those who are not a part of your life now.

  1. Drinking is not the solution

You do not have to drink to gather up the courage and deal with the problems in hand or to blurt out your feelings.

  1. Nurture your friendship

Trues friends accept you and love you for your both good and worst side. They add to your strength. They can help you make your life beautiful.  


  1. There is nothing wrong if you do not know things

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you do not know anything. If you do not know about it, say it, you can save your time and your energy.

  1. Get excited about small things

Take pleasure in all the small little things that can make you smile like a text from BFF, your favorite song on the radio, coffee break, the sudden announcement of the holiday, kids playing etc.

  1. Take care of yourself first

Make sure that your own desires and needs are met so that you can take care of others as well. This is not being selfish or greedy. Love and sacrifice things for those who can be the same with you.

  1. Set goals and meet them

If you do not have goals, you will feel bad. Having goals and moving towards building skills and experience motivates you. it makes you feel good about yourself.

  1. Family and friends above everything

Make time for people who truly matters to you. There is no harm in setting your ambition aside for a while.


  1. Learn from your mistakes

Blaming your past is not going to help you. You must learn from your mistakes so that you do not repeat them. We all sulk, but instead of stopping there, we should learn and move forward.

  1. Be honest

Be less selfish and more compassionate. Your actions speak louder. There is nothing important than how you treat others.

  1. You will never get everything right

The sooner you realize it, the sooner you will stop worrying about being perfect, and you will able to live your life a little bit more freely.

  1. Spend time with yourself

You can understand yourself better when you are alone.


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