9 Unexpected things that makes our day!

Happiness lies within little things. We all know that life is unpredictable and Expectations only hurt. These are the unexpected things that make us bloat with happiness and we just cannot forget that day of our life.

  1. Sudden encounter with your crush

That feeling when you are in a mall or event and your crush passes by and stops to talk to you. It makes our day. We would hold and revise that moment in our mind for countless number of time. This sudden encounter could be a call from them or just a reply or re-tweet from them but it marks a strong impression on us.

  1. Surprise from family or friend

Imagine you are sitting idle, getting bored and changing channel. There is no one to talk with and suddenly your door bell rings and there is a bunch of your friends standing at the door to surprise you. Won’t that little moment make your day!! Or your family brings you something you wanted for so long.

  1. Sudden appreciation and perks

When out of no-where somebody appreciates you or gives you perks; remembering that moment still brings a smile on your face. When your boss appreciates you in front of everyone.

  1. Meeting up or talking with long lost friend

When accidentally you bump into your long lost friend or have a chat with him or her. That feeling is priceless and you tell it to all, who-ever-meets you.

  1. Random plans

When all of a sudden your family plans to be out somewhere on a long trip or your friends call you up, saying “5 min. me tyar ho ja, lene aa rhe h tjhko”. These little things make our day.

  1. Heavy Discounts

When you go on a shopping sphere and you find a heavy discount or reads a poster saying “flat 90% off!!”

  1. When mom cooks your favorite food

When you come back to house, all tired and fatigue and your mom has made your favorite meal for you. That little thing is enough to boost your energy and make your day.

  1. Getting a compliment about something you have never noticed before

I was once told I have a nicely shaped head, which I had never ever thought about until that moment. And adding another brownie point to the things about your body. It just makes your day.

  1. Someone letting you skip the queue

That magical moment; you weren’t sure who was first to reach there. And they just waved you on and say with smile. “Go Ahead.” So nice.

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