17 Things You‘ll Get If You’re The Shy Girl Having Crush!

By- Shreya Sharma

In the modern dating, there is no such rule that the guy needs to make the first move, as girls are out there with their heads up to make the first moves. But, there are some of us who are too shy to step out of their shell. It is hard for them to talk to their crush, so asking them out is never an option. But they too cannot hide the feeling of love and it is all written on their face and their gestures speak about their feelings. Here are 17 things you will get if you are the shy girl having the crush.

  1. You smile more at your crush than others

Smiling is your biggest weapon. You smile at your crush every time he passes by with your eyes occasionally catching a glimpse of him.


  1. You laugh out of nervousness for no reason

When you see your crush, you run out of words and prefer to laugh and giggle. You will laugh even at the most stupid joke cracked by your crush.

  1. You are hell nervous when you crush is in front of you

You will start to play with your hair, tap your feet and look here and there if you crush is sitting right opposite to you.

  1. You battle the urge to say ‘hi’ to him

And you will deal with the urge rather than approaching him.


  1. When you are face to face with your crush, you act weird

You will ask stupid questions, walk away in the middle of the conversation or say random things. You have no clue how to act and you regret it later.

  1. You will talk with every guy except the one you have crush on

You will be open and confident with other guys, but quiet with your crush.

  1. You start to blush when you are around your crush

Whenever he looks at you, you get red and blush more and more.


  1. It is hard for you to confess your feelings for your crush

Your friends will guess your shyness and the reason for it. But you will not open up about your feelings.

  1. You are shy meeting them in person, but not shy while texting.

You fear face-to-face conversations, but you will open up soon on texts.

  1. You will stalk him on social media

You will stalk your crush on social media and try to follow him so that he can notice you.


  1. If your arm accidentally brushes against your crush, you replay the moment in your head for months.

Even if you do it intentionally, it is just to get his attention.

  1. You will become friend with your crush’s friends to know him better

To get his attention, you will try to impress his friends.

  1. You are a planner

You think and plan before uttering a single word because you do not want to look stupid. You imagine how the conversation will go if you are meeting your crush.


  1. You are bad at flirting

You want to flirt, but you do not know how to do it. And you might even spoil things by trying.

  1. You are bold inside your mind

You just appear shy, but you are bold with your thoughts. Your imagination has no boundaries.

  1. You will like all their social media actions

This is your way to track him.

  1. You will never initiate the conversation and wait for him

Girls do normally wait for their crushes to make the first move, but you can wait for an eternity if you have to, without ever complaining.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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