9 Things You’ll Understand If You Have That Punjabi Friend!

By- Jyoti Gupta

When we hear the term Punjabi, our heart feels some joy and some heartwarming sensations strike us. The word its-self define the most loving, cheerful, entertaining, daring and foodie people. I am blessed to have a Punjabi best friend and they are totally worth to be in your life. Their energy level motivates you and their food habits lure you and bribe you to be with them. You can only find butter coated paranthas but not sugar coated replies. Anyway, Punjabi’s are not just this, they are much more than that and you should add them to your must have the list of your life. Here are the things you will understand if you have that Punjabi Friend.

  1. Finger licking Food

You are served with lip smacking food when you visit their home and not just that when you are away, you can even get that packed for you in lunch.


  1. They are straightforward

 They are expert in this. If you ask them anything, you know you will not get the sugar coated reply. They will tell you the truth straight on your face whether it pleases you or not.

  1. They can make you happy

If they are the reason for your tears, then they can even make you smile. They have all their antics ready to give you one hell laugh riot and make your stomach ache.


  1. Oh the cool Punjabi Slangs

You have learned a lot from them and you use their cool slangs to flaunt your coolness. Those “siyappa”, “chittar”, “pairi pona” and all are added to your dictionary.

  1. Punjabi wedding are heart

They are like a festival, you must have learned some bhangra steps and those never-ending dancing session that too with absolute high energy and not to forget those choodhas and kaleeres!!


  1. They are your Punjabi songs lyric guide

Majorly you can understand those lyrics, since you are in the process of learning and when you cannot, they are your guide to teach you everything and tell you every meaning.

  1. They are the life of party

They are super energetic be it whatever age and just play the dhol, they will show you what dancing actually is and what if we add daaru to it, a perfect party.

  1. They express their love and carefreely

They are blessed with the ability to shower their love and carefreely. You know you cannot miss those jhappis and pappies.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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