11 Things that show you are slightly obsessed with your phone

Phone is a blessing in disguise. This is the era of cell phones. It helps to connect and update ourselves with the society and current trends; but few people take it way too seriously. Phone has become their lifeline, oxygen, heartbeat and companion. Here are a few things that show you are slightly obsessed with your phone.

  1. You use your phone even when not required.

You use your phone even when there is no one to talk with. You are just exploring your phone and hopping from gallery to calendar to notes.

  1. You use your phone even to check your make-up.

Oh make-up is one big deal. It is necessary to make sure that your make game is on point and you use your phone as mirror to check your make-up.

  1. You use your phone even when around people.

Either with parents, friends or at job, you just cannot keep your hands off your phone. It is a must to check your phone at like every 15 seconds.

  1. Driving with phone in another hand.

When you are more focused about your phone and messages or even in present pokemon go rather than driving. You are expert in managing the steering wheel and gears with just one hand as the other hand is meant for your phone.

  1. Checking notification as it pops up.

How can you miss on a notification even if it is some random message? Your phone needs your attention and pampering.

  1. You buy ample of phone covers.

Your phone needs to look good and attractive. You will be having all sort of phone covers; transparent one, minions, flip cover, back cover, bumpers and what not. Your every shopping session means a new cover for your phone.

  1. When you say “nails mat use kr uspe”

Your phone too has a life and nails can put scratches on the screen. The person needs to handle it with care else they are dead.

  1. Your phone NEVER gets discharged.

By NEVER we mean NEVER. You always keep it charged and for that you can even unplug someone else’s charger or even your laptop or television.

  1. You have a habit of using phone while eating.

You just cannot resist your phone. Even while eating your attention goes to your phone. You may be just checking your Instagram, facebook or twitter profile but it seems to be your digestion process.

  1. When you have a good morning with your phone.

It is like a routine for you to search for your phone first when you wake up. Even with those sleepy eyes, you are ready to search for your phone so as to scan your notifications.

  1. When you are just wink away from sleep then only your phone is kept aside.

You just cannot go to sleep till the time your phone is in operating condition. You will use it till the time you do not feel like sleeping or till the time it begs you to charge it.

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