9 Things You Should Consider If You’re In ALMOST Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Almost relationships are the new trend in the modern dating world. You are stuck with a guy for the longest without deciding to move on or take it to the next level. Most of us have been in this situation or are still in this situation. To all those who are stuck in this, here are 9 things you should consider if you are in the almost relationship.

  1. Why do you like this person?

You need to understand that why do you keep coming back to this person, even when you are not committed. It could be that his personality is so charming that you cannot think of replacing him. If you like him, make it official. If you are just hanging around, it is important that you both know about it.


  1. Do you feel desired because of him?

You should be with a guy who makes you feel wanted. If he keeps on chasing you and keeps the spark alive, he is boyfriend material. Be with a guy who boosts your confidence, not with the one who makes you wait for his texts.

  1. Are you with him because of convenience?

It is great to always have someone by your side. But are you with him because he is easily available when you want him? Be with someone you feel passionate about. It will fail if you keep someone close because it is easy to be with him.

  1. Does being alone scare you?

If the fear of being alone is the reason to be with him, then you are ruining your love life. You need to accept yourself for who you are and you need to be confident and comfortable with yourself. Do not use your fear of loneliness as a motivation.


  1. Is he in your life for status?

You do not have to commit your time to someone just because he takes you to fancy parties. Do not be with a materialistic guy.

  1. The reason you cannot commit to each other

You need to be real with yourself. There could be a reason that you do not date each other exclusively. Figure out the reason for not going exclusive and staying in an almost relationship.

  1. Do you dislike the idea of the label?

There is nothing wrong in being a boyfriend or a girlfriend. There are lots of people struck in this area and want to define their relationship. Define your relationship and you will feel great.


  1. Where is your relationship going?

Do you think you will end up marrying him or you just fuck buddies? Do you even want to get married at all? If you do, you’d better stop wasting time in an almost relationship and go look for someone you’d like to keep long-term.

  1. Do you want to be physical with others?

If you do not want to be physical with others, then you want to date him and make things official. Talk with him and figure out if you both are on the same page or not. Make sure that either you both want to sleep with other or none of you wants to sleep with others, else either of you might end up with a broken heart.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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