5 Things That Make Your Lady Part Sad!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your lady part is sensitive and delicate. It is one toughest and mystery part of your body. It has its only cleaning process and takes care of itself on its own. Your vagina is sensitive and has its own pH level and using certain products can disturb its pH balance and can cause bacteria. Sometimes some problems may arise that can be uncomfortable or painful. Here are 5 things that make your lady part bad.

  1. Fruits and vegetable

Cucumber and other suggestively shaped fruits and vegetables can be a great kinky way to spice up your night, but it is not advisable and recommended. They are not organic, they harbor bacteria. And if the bacteria are introduced into your lady part, it could cause an infection called bacterial vaginosis.


  1. Piercing

Piercing is not just painful, it is also not healthy. This skin has bacteria that are harmless. But piercing can cause wounds and if the bacteria enter into that, the situation can become worse. It will be difficult to prevent complications from piercing.

  1. Bicycle seat

Riding cycle can be thrilling. Sitting on the bicycle seat that is too hard or narrow compresses nerves and pinches off blood circulation to the vaginal area. This can result in numbness over time, which can disturb your romantic life.


  1. Dirty underwear

Wearing dirty underwear can give you a nasty infection. Fabric holds sweat and discharge which becomes a breeding ground for germs and fungi. If you are using the same underwear for a long time, it can lead to yeast infection. After the workout, it is better you shower and changes your underwear.

  1. Using too much soap

Even if soap is gentle enough for the rest of your body, odds are that it’s too harsh for the delicate skin downstairs. It’s better to use a natural soap with no perfumes or dyes, and don’t over-lather the cloth. Some may ask you to avoid using soap on your sensitive lady part.


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