15 Things Guys Do That Are Instant Turn Off For Girls!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is not that hard to please us, we just want the man to be real and not to fake just to impress us. But sometimes being too real can be a big turn off too for us. A few habits of guys are so annoying that it turn us off. We might like them or be head over heels crazy for them but still, when they show a few of their traits, it makes us wonder why we do even like you. Here are 15 things guys do that are the instant turn off for girls.

  1. Never picking up the tab

Sure we are capable of paying the bills on our own, but that does not mean that the guy should let us pay the bills every time. We like it when our man buys us dinner. At least they should share the bill if they are not paying the complete bill.


  1. Forgetting or canceling date

It takes a lot of efforts on a girl’s part to prepare the date. We go to the salon, buy new clothes. We cancel our other plans of the day just to be with our man. We hate it when our man sets the date and we are all ready and at the last moments, he cancels all the plans.

  1. Too much of attention

We are almost like man and love challenges. Giving us everything on the first date and putting us on the pedestal can make us feel bored. We love when guys confess their love, but they should not act needy or desperate.

  1. Being too much on phone

When on the date, or any other time, we dislike it when our man is busy checking his phone. It is better they put the phone aside and listen to us.


  1. Never initiating

Girls want to take charge once in a while, but if we are only one initiating most of the times, then it becomes a turn-off. Man must know how to lead and be decisive to keep us on our toes.

  1. Being rude to others

The way people treat others who are less powerful shows their true personality. He should be nice with waiter, animals, beggars and sales people. Men should be gentle enough to others as it shows how sensitive it is.

  1. Being late

Being late once in a while is fine, but being late most of the times is annoying. It shows that this man does not value us enough. No girl wants to hear that she always waits for her man.


  1. Asking for money always

Being financially dependent on a girl is a big turn off. When he is always broke and she has to pay the bills, this can stress your relationship. Asking for money from us or from others is a big no-no.

  1. Posting every update on social media

We do not want a man who posts every single thing on social media. We like mystery, so our man should leave something for us to discover. We want our man to be busy and engaged with meaningful posts and not anything random.

  1. Indulging in sex immediately

Even if it has been a long time that you both are dating, but it is a big turn off when guys rushing into having sex. We want a bit of affection before sex. Foreplay can be great to get us into the mood.


  1. Wearing tacky pants

It is a big turn off for any girl to see their guy wearing tacky crocs, pants and a man bun. At least in the trying to impress stage, you got to be presentable instead of showing up with ugly shoes.

  1. Being self-obsessed

We do not mind listening to how your day was, but we want you to ask us the same question and listen to us patiently. Talking all about yourself and what all you did is a big turn off. It is better to have a balanced conversation.

  1. Addiction to gadgets

Some women find being addicted to video games a big turn off. It might be because they know their man will never leave his addiction and they know how boring the weekends will be when he will be busy playing games.


  1. Poor hygiene

Our sense of smell is very powerful. We associate the smells with the certain mood. So, if a guy stinks or has bad breath, we will never find them sexy. It is better if the guy takes care of his hygiene level.

  1. Saying bad things about others

If the man is always whining and saying bad things about other people, girls will start to think that he is one of those pessimistic nit-picker types, who blame other people for their unhappiness.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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