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10 Things To Do Before You Get Married!

By- Shreya Sharma

With all the weddings happening all around us, some of us think of our wedding while others may get nervous. Instead of getting nervous, we should make the most of our time and enjoy our time by trying new things. It will help us become more self-aware and know what is wrong and what is right. There are infinite things we can learn and do before you get married. Here are 10 things to do before you get married.

  1. Learn to cook

Learn to make at least one dish perfectly. Once you will get the confidence to cook things, you will be eager to learn more and try new dishes.


  1. Live alone

Once you start living alone, you will know how to take care of yourself and be independent. If the idea of living alone haunts you, then you can find a roomie. This will help you learn to run a household on your own.

  1. Fashion experiments

Try a new hair style, get your hair colored, and change your clothing style. This is going to be fun. Try everything crazy with your looks, before people putting disapproval into it.

  1. Travel with your friends

Go on a trip with your friends. Share your secrets and enjoy your time with them. Traveling will make you feel relaxed and with teaching you a thing or two.


  1. Date

Use a dating application before you settle down with your one and only. There is no harm in getting your heart broken at least once. This will teach you the importance of relationship in life and how much they matter. You will learn from it about all the things you can change about yourself and what you want from your partner.

  1. Complete your education

This should be a must before you get married. Complete your education first, before you get into new responsibilities.

  1. Work out

It is the time you hit the gym and get in shape and become fit. You must be happy with the way you are, put there is no harm in getting those abs and flaunting them.


  1. Looks are not everything

Your personality speaks louder than your looks. Having a positive approach makes you attractive. This will always make people remember you. Having a beautiful nature will be beautiful.

  1. Start saving money

Go for your dream job and save money for that lehenga you have been eyeing on. Saving money will help you learn the value of money. You will realize that nothing comes free in this world.

  1. Party

Go to parties with your single friends and have your time. Once you are married, you will always go to parties with your significant other and if you go alone then people will ask you why he/she is not with you.


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