Are You Both More Than Just Friends? 10 Ways You Can Find Out!

By- Sheena Bagga

How do you know that is this friendship or something else? Is this really a friendship or it turned to something else? What are the signs or how can I know that we are more than just friends? In those two moments there can lots of signals comes that –You have a crush on them or they has a crush on you. Its quiet different feeling comes at the same time There are so many questions comes in your mind, you started asking yourself that questions from you. You or they. There is a confusion in between which you are not able to understand. What is that-what is that—both of you were feeling the same thing before you start making it out.

So, here are some reliable things from which you will get to know that are you just friends or more than just friends:

  1. Talking on a phone call regularly and religiously.


  1. Both of you sharing your opinions and secrets about anything and everything.


  1. Possessive for each other.


  1. Over protective. Yup!


  1. Spending lots of time with each other; Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. *wink*


  1. You become green-eyed monster or other way around. Jealousy factor.


  1. Giving pet names to each other. *Cuddles*


  1. You got those damn butterflies fluttering their wings in your belly.


  1. You remain loyal with each other, even as a friend.


  1. Wanting to kiss each other, when you get uncomfortably close intentionally or un-intentionally. *Kisses*


Source – Tumblr, Giphy

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