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10 Creepy Guys You Should Avoid Even Talking To!

By- Shreya Sharma

A creepy guy is a subjective topic, what may seem desirable to one girl may be creepy to another. There are creepy guys all over and everywhere. You feel discomfort and awkwardness and you just cannot explain the feeling you get when they are around you. A creepy guy is the one who shows interest in you even when you do not show the least of interest. If a guy cannot take the hint that you do not like him that is a creepy guy. There is the variety of creepy guys from mildly creepy to scary creepy. Here are 10 creepy guys you should avoid even talking to.

  1. The one who stares on boobs

This is the one who cannot help staring down at your cleavage all the times. He thinks he is smart enough and will never be caught staring at your cleavage, but you catch him and even this does not stop him from staring at your breasts. His stare makes you feel like he wants to eat you. He is a creepy guy with lust in his mind.


  1. The one who gets touchy feely

He is extremely touchy even when you do not appreciate his moves. He tries to touch you, gasp you or hug you. He tries to hold your hand or runs his hand along your back making you feel disgusting. If a guy touches you and it makes you feel odd and disgusting, then he is a creepy man.

  1. The one who takes away your personal space

He does not understand the meaning of personal space. He stands close to you that you can even smell his breath then he is definitely a creepy guy you should avoid. He is getting close to you for a reason and does not have social etiquettes. Push away this kind of creep.

  1. The one who is a stalker

If a guy has confessed his love for you and now follows you everywhere around town, then it is better not to give him attention and avoid him. He may think he is being cool and persuasive, but he is just being creepy.


  1. The one who talks dirty

If a guy talks about your bra strap or your ass, even when you tell him to shut up then he is a creepy guy you should avoid. Before he starts assuming that you are having a fun, sexy conversation, it is better to shut him down.

  1. The one who is rich and obnoxious

He is rich and obnoxious and boasts and brags about himself. He thinks all women should strip down before him. If you know such guy and do not like him back, walk away from him before he eyes you.

  1. The one with crazy fetishes

If you are dating a guy with crazy fetishes, it is better to end your relationship if you do not share same interest or do not love him deeply.


  1. The one who is older than you

If your dad’s friend hit on you, he is one desperate attention seeker from young perky people. They assume it is easy to get a younger girl. If you have an older friend who tries to be touchy-feely with you, you need to get away from him.

  1. The one who stares

If a guy drops everything and stares at you constantly, then he is one staring creepy guy. He stares hard, with an eye-watering gaze that stretches into a smile each time you look at him.

  1. The one who is obsessed with you

He’s obsessed with you, and no matter what you say, he just thinks you’re playing hard to get. This is the romantic nightmare, and he’d do anything to try and win your attention and your love. There’s not much you can do to get him off your back because he just won’t believe you don’t love him back. The only thing you can do with this creepy guy is playing nice.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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