21 Things We All Deserve In The Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we are in a relationship, we have certain expectations from the relationship and our partner. Though expectations are good, but setting unrealistic expectations can cause damage to our relationship. You deserve certain things when in the relationship and it is okay to expect the same from your partner. Here are 21 things we all deserve in the relationship.

  1. Someone who is excited to see us

He should be as excited meeting us for the hundredth time as when he met us for the first time.


  1. Someone who can challenge us.

We all deserve a partner who can disagree with us and have a constructive conversation by putting his opinion. With them, we should learn more about ourselves.

  1. Someone who tell us when we are out of line

We need a man who can call us out when we are out of our line.

  1. Someone who does not try to change us

We deserve a man who loves us for who we are and not what we could be.


  1. Someone who knows how to answer texts

Of course, we deserve an answer to our text rather than ‘hmm’ and ‘ok’.

  1. Someone who respects the differences we have

Your partner should love you for your quirks, odd habits, and different opinions.

  1. Someone who supports our dreams and goals

He should be our cheerleader, motivating us to get our goal.


  1. Someone who understand compromise

He should know the art and concept of compromise.

  1. Someone who is honest

We deserve a man who can be honest with himself and with us because that will lead to a happy and healthy relationship.

  1. Someone who makes us feel safe

He should make us feel safe physically and emotionally. Like being at home.


  1. Someone who can laugh with us

We know life is hard, so we deserve a man who can laugh at the struggles of life with us.

  1. Someone who loves our body the way it is

Our body is for us, so he should love our body in whatever shape and size we love it.

  1. Someone with whom we can share inside jokes

We deserve a man who can find our lame jokes funny.


  1. Someone who knows how to melt our heart

We deserve a man with whom sex feels awesome.

  1. Someone who can talk about sex

We should be comfortable discussing with him about what we like and dislike in bed so that we both can have a great time in bed.

  1. Someone who can fit us in his cozy arms

We deserve a man who does not mind cuddling with us every time.


  1. Someone who knows that we can solve our problems

We want a partner who will be by our side to help us save ourselves, not someone who thinks they can rescue us from all problems.

  1. Someone who considers us as team

He should think of us as a team.

  1. Someone who trusts us

There should be mutual trust for a relationship to flourish. Else you will fall into the trap of disappointment and accusation.


  1. Someone who does not intentionally hurts us

He should not hurt us or shame us while telling us that they love us.

  1. Someone who is imperfectly perfect for us

We all have flaws as no one can be perfect. We deserve a partner whose imperfections fit just right with our own, and that we are never afraid to keep improving.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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