15 Things You’ll Get If You Are The Shy One In The New Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have heard that opposites attract. So, there are chances that you might be the shy one and your man might be one who is too expressive. Being a shy girl, when you are in a new relationship, it is exciting but nerve-wrecking time because you want to be close to your man but you still feel awkward with them. It is hard for you to let your guards down and feel completely comfortable with your man. Here are 15 things you will get if you are the shy one in the new relationship.

  1. You feel super awkward when you have to meet your man’s friends

You feel so much pressure. What if they do not like you? What if you say something wrong?


  1. You get even more uncomfortable with your racing heartbeat when you have to meet their family.

This is like worst situation because you can hear your heart beating really loud.

  1. When your man is not with you, you do everything to avoid being with his parents.

No, it is not because you do not like them. It is because you find it hard to utter words.

  1. Whenever you are in a social gathering, you stick to your man only

You know it is not great to depend on your man to do all the socializing, but you cannot help it.


  1. You rarely speak about your feelings.

Because you feel really awkward!

  1. You wait for your partner to make plans instead of making them yourself

You do not want to look annoying.

  1. You take things too slow when it comes to hooking up

Do you want the lights on? Really? Oh, so that nothing happens!


  1. You have to spend a lot of time to convince your man that you do not hate his friends.

They think you do not like them. But in real, you are just shy and you feel awkward.

  1. You feel nervous about PDA

Or fighting in public.

  1. He has the last words in the fight

It might make you feel frustrated because you were right, but then you are shy enough to express your frustration.


  1. You try to avoid doing something gross in front of your partner.

The fact that people talk about farting and pooping with their partner makes you feel strange.

  1. It takes you a long time to get comfortable with your partner

Because you are too shy

  1. He will get all the attention in your relationship

Because he will take up yours and his share of attention from others.


  1. But when you open up, it is hard for you to shut up

And then you are comfortable and things are great.

  1. You will be a great listener

Without making many efforts, you will be complimented on being a great listener.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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