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16 Not-So-Happening Things Happen To Every Girl’s Body!

By- Shreya Sharma

Acne, period, hair in weird places is quite normal now as we are used to these little embarrassing things. There is much more than this that our body faces. Weird bodily noises, burps and many such things seem to happen for no particular reason. Our body does so many things without our consent on multiple occasions, putting us in embarrassment. You may feel this is just your body which acts like this, but hey!! You are definitely not alone. Here are 16 Not-so-happening things happen to every girl’s body.

1. Spotting i.e. half-starting your period at the most inappropriate time.


2. Starting your period at the time when you cannot afford being on period.

3. Farts at most inconvenient times, like during exams, job interview or talking with your crush.

4. Bleeding through your tampon or sanitary napkin.


5. Weird smell from body parts which makes you wonder if others too can smell that.

6. Queefs!!

7. Growing hair at places you never thought the hair could grow.


8. Getting earth size painful pimples at the place where you cannot even reach to deal.

9. Getting burps for hours when you just had juice.

10. Shedding large piles of hair wherever you go.


11. Clogging the toilet when you are at your friend’s place and everybody knows that you are in the bathroom.

12. Throwing up in your mouth when you burp sometimes.

13. Feeling hungry and then your stomach growls loudest in the middle of class.


14. Popping your pimple and expecting it to go away; which in turns becomes a blood clot which bleeds anytime.

15. Sweating through all of your clothes when you step out of your house in summers.

16. Any surprise your body gives, making you feel weird is actually super normal.



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