A Guy Who Does These 7 Things Is Just Pretty Awesome!

By- Shreya Sharma

Communication and honesty are the keys to the happy and healthy relationship. Every relationship has fights and disagreements but that is not the end of it. Saying I am sorry holds much of importance in a relationship. Not everyone has the guts to say it but if you find one who can, he is the keeper. Look out if your man can do these things.

  1. He does not want to fight

He knows fights are a part of a relationship but he is smart enough to understand that when it is just a mere discussion and when things are turning ugly and personal. And as he realizes he tries to stop the fight. He just wants to avoid the arguments that can turn ugly.


  1. He wants to make you happy

He knows refusing to admit his mistake will make you infuriate, so he willingly back out because it is a smart move for a long run relationship. It does not mean he will say you are right when you are not but he will not even fight over this. He does things that make you happy.

  1. He can put his ego aside

For a man, his ego matters a lot and it is not easy for them to admit that they screwed up and apologize for it, keeping their ego aside. If he does, he is mature enough and does not let his emotions control him.

  1. He is open minded

He is not stubborn about his opinions. If he willingly accepts that his way or solution is not the only way, he is probably good in compromising and considers your feelings too. He is open to challenges and can explore territories which he hasn’t tried yet.


  1. He can put things behind

He is not the one to hold grudges and you can talk through issues with him. When he says he is over something, he is actually over that thing or phase. He is not going to hold anything over you and sulk in the end.

  1. He can be vulnerable

Admitting mistake takes courage and that means you can be vulnerable in front of someone else. If he does that in front of you that means he respects and trusts you enough that you will not take advantage of his vulnerable side. It takes a lot from a guy to be vulnerable. No guy wants to be shown as

  1. He does not have to be right all time

Being right is not his top priority. He might have arguments in his favor but he is still willing to let it go because he knows it is just waste of time. He doesn’t argue his point knowing he is wrong. If he is wrong, he admits his wrong. He doesn’t have to be right.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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