8 Reasons Why Timing Is So Important In Relationships!

By- Shreya Sharma

Timing is important in everything be it love or relationship. Sometimes for every good thing we say “it’s our time” and when things hit a rough patch, we call it as “not being our time”. We know time is the only constant. There comes a time in our relationship when everything is loving and fun and then comes a time when things start slowing down, less of dates and less of calls. There is no alarm clock in a relationship that states about when to get into a relationship, when to breakup or when to hit the next milestone. Here are 8 reasons why timing is so important in relationships.

1. If you are ready

Just because you think you are ready that does not mean you are ready. Your emotions might make you think that you are ready for it but that is not the case always. Ask yourself questions like are you mentally and financially prepared for this? Are you absolutely sure about your decision?


2. Maturity

Think about the first guy you dated to the guy you are dating now; you will witness changes in your choice of man. As we mature, our needs and wants change. Our maturity level says a lot about what we are capable of doing in a relationship and this way we can determine if we are in the right relationship in the right time or not.


3. Life goals

Life goals are important. If you have set down life goals that you need to achieve before settling down than you need to first understand if you have achieved those goals or not and know what value they hold. See if your relationship is an obstacle in achieving your goals or not.


4. Experience

All the experience you have had in all the relationships you have turn you into what you are now and will help you figure out what kind of person you want in your life in long run.


5. Circumstances

Our circumstances define us because if we have to earn for us or for our family or have faced any negative instance in past or have faced more lows in life than highs, it is sure to put our relationship into back seat. You will wait for the time when you are actually settled and ready to date someone.


6. Love or infatuation

When it comes to relationship, love or infatuation is something we all have talked and thought about enough. When we are young, we may easily get confused between love and infatuation because we are so overwhelmed with the idea of being in love that we mistake infatuation to be love. With time and lessons, you will learn the difference between love and infatuation.


7. Career

It takes time to set up our career and climb the career ladder. When you are at the start of career where you are just figuring out your career, it is difficult to balance your career and love life together. It is like choosing your career or love. You cannot risk splitting time between career and love especially when your career needs you time and efforts most.


8. Health issues

Sometimes health issues get into our way of daily routine and sometimes even in our relationship. There might be chances that the guy you are thinking as your man is not willing to take responsibility of someone who is sick. Not everyone is ready to take care of you when you are sick.


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