For Loners Out There! – 15 Things You Can Do ALONE On New Year’s Eve!

By- Shreya Sharma

As 2016 is all set to end, we all have so many plans out there. We have plans to party, booze, trips, bonfire and some more other things. This is like giving your-self a new life with a new year which is nowhere new further on. I mean there is nothing new after New Year except for the change in year. Same is the routine we have to follow. But then we got to party!! This is a reason to party. But hello to all those loners out there, here are the things you can do alone on New Year’s Eve!

  1. DIY Spa

You might have some important meetings and friends get together on other days but for that moment you are free and you can have your leisure time.

  1. Fireworks

If you know a place around you that plans fireworks, go and watch them. Or just set your own fireworks on.

  1. Read

Could there be any better way to welcome a New Year with wisdom!! Okay I know this is too much. But you got the time to finish that pending novel of yours with a cup of coffee.

  1. What about something ordinary

It is just another day, so do not worry if you are not going to any fancy New Year party. Clean your closet or any other thing and have a great sleep.

  1. Mid night calls

Wishing people Happy New Year when a clock strike 12 is a great gesture. So, call your parents or your special one to make it a memorable night.

  1. Movie marathon

Collect all the movies you had been planning to watch since a long time, bring in some wine or popcorn and go for a fun movie marathon ride.

  1. Call your friend

If there is someone who too has an alone New Year’s eve, call them at your place and bring the New Year together.

  1. Party with self

Cook for yourself or order your favorite meal and party with yourself. There could be no better way to start your New Year by pampering yourself.

  1. Family get together

Visit your family or call your family together, order some food and booze and have a gala time with them, remembering your good old days.

  1. New Year resolution

List down your New Year resolutions so that you better have goals to achieve this coming year.

  1. Dance all night

Play all those crazy party songs, even those you never thought of dancing to ever and dance whole night like a crazy maniac because no one is watching. Bring on your naagin dance!!

  1. Photoshoot session

Dress up, stay indoors and conduct a photoshoot with your phone camera. Get some perfect clicks.

  1. A shower dance

Play your playlist, get inside shower and dance your moves, the craziest and the sexiest. The night is yours.

  1. PJs all day

Spend the whole damn day in your favorite jams and sweats.

  1. Celebrate with a glass of wine

You are self-sufficient to have a glass of wine in your hand and bring New Year.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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