7 Things you will understand if you are a happy go lucky type

Ever wondered why few people are always happy and jolly? Be it any condition you will always find them smiling and laughing. What gives them the spirit to smile even in the difficult conditions? These happy go lucky people have their own different kind of mind set that helps them to continue no matter what. If you want to know them better, given below are few things that only a happy go lucky would do or understand.

  1. These happy go lucky people do let the yesterday affect today in anyway, they wake up everyday to have a new beginning. For them past does not matter as they always look forward to a prosperous and happy future. That doesn’t mean they do not review their mistakes from past, they start their day as an improved person which makes them different from others.


  1. Happy go lucky people also have an indifferent quality of finding out the good side to everything. They train their mind in a way that they can find out every ounce of goodness in everyone and everything. As a result they are less sad and in pain compared to others.


  1. Happy go lucky people never care what people are talking behind their back. Just as they leave their past behind they leave these people behind and keep moving forward. On the other hand such people take criticism very sportingly, they work on them and try to come out as a better person.


  1. Happy go lucky people hate fighting at all times. They like to have a healthy debate but when it comes to fighting they are always going to avoid it, either it be a physical fight or a verbal one. You will find them avoiding all the topic and situation that can originate a fight.


  1. Most special quality about happy go lucky people is that they not only love to be happy but also like to see others happy too. They would do everything in their power to cheer up a person, and make him forget he was ever sad.


  1. Happy go lucky people always want to contribute to the growth, so they always try to work in a productive manner. No matter whatever they do they are going to give their 100% on it. There is no mid way option they keep in mind.


  1. Happy go lucky people love a proper balance of everything. They do not believe in excess of anything. This is the reason they do not bored with their life. They get sufficient amount of work, family time, fun and sleep which keeps them happy all the time.


Well these are few things that make happy go lucky people what they are. Hope this helps you to change your life and become one of them.

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