8 Things That Are Easier Said Than Done!

By- Shreya Sharma

We are all pro in giving advice to others but when it comes to applying it to ourselves, we take a back seat. And when others give us advice, we say “kehna bohot asaan hota hai but karna nahi”.  It is easy to give advice than to take them and preach them. Here are 8 things that are easier said than done.

  1. Be confident

Some people are born with confidence and can do anything, whom we call extrovert mainly. But not all are the same. Not everyone is as confident as others. It is easy to say to stay confident and go out of your comfort zone but it is no miracle, it is hard to get it done.

  1. Waking up early

To wake up early is one difficult task in the morning. Alarms are there to help us, but they have to snooze at least five times by every person. How can people wake up early in morning!! You know you cannot wake up and if you cannot, do not even advise the same to others.


  1. Stop thinking too much

How can we stop our mind from thinking? This is one impossible thing I guess. We are all occupied with some or other thoughts. Some may call this overthinking. But to stop thinking too much, you need a lot of practice, dedication and will power. This is no easy way to stop thinking too much.

  1. Eat healthy and exercise

We wish eating healthy include pizzas, pasta, burgers and everything we love and exercise was not this much pain to limbs and you have not to wake up early to hit the gym. If this would be the case, we all would be happy to eat healthy and exercise.

  1. Get over it

Getting over anything is a gradual process and takes some time. It could be a person or job; it takes some time to grow over it. So just asking the other one to get over it and stay strong is surely not going to help the other person. Getting over is not one easy task and has nothing to do with strength.


  1. Get your shit together

Getting something together is never easy. It could be your life, relationship, career, saving or anything you want to get right, it all takes time, patience and concentration. It is hard to get your shit together than just saying it.

  1. Think positive

The way it is difficult to stop thinking too much, the same way it is difficult to think positive. There are so many confusions in our life, so many chaos and so many hurdles, how can one keep their sane and stay positive. If you end up saying negative things in your chit chat sessions, it is better you do not advise others to think positive.

  1. Keep calm

It means you will have to take control of your emotions and thoughts and allow them to stay calm. Maybe those who practice yoga and meditate, find it easy to control their feelings and thoughts, but for those who do not do this, it is hard for them to keep calm. There is so much going around us every day that it is hard to stay calm. Calm is not impossible but to maintain it is challenging.


Source –  Tumblr

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