16 Things You’ll Understand If You Leave Everything Until Last Minute!

By- Shreya Sharma

Are you out of those who feels “yar abhi toh bohot time hai, thodi der me kar lungi?” You have heard your friends and family shout at you for getting them late or being late or getting the things late. You always take a resolution that “ab se nahi hoga, I will do the work as it appears” and when it appears you hang it to the last moment. The good news is you are not alone in this vicious circle of “kal kare so parso”. Here are 16 things you will understand if you leave everything until last minute.

1. You feel content knowing that you are not alone in this

me too

2. The mantra of your life

3. You feel time just slips away

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4. You have your priorities sorted

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5. Your time management skills be so strong

6. Last minutes shopping means getting worse


7. Nap to your rescue

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8. You being a procrastinating Queen

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9. You are great with ignoring things


10. Your procrastinating skills have grown


11. You feel anxious about the things you have to do


12. You are pro at acing the out of bed look now

dp in tamasha

13. You have mastered the art of staying up late at nigh to finish the responsibilities whose dead line will end the next morning


14. You set multiple alarms to make sure you wake up on time

morning person

15. Your friends by now know that your “on my way” means you are still “in bed”


16. You put in efforts to change your habit but you revert back to your old habits

not again

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