7 Surefire Signs That The Guy You’re Dating Is A Player!

By- Shreya Sharma

You will try your hard to protect you but once you are with the player you are at risk. Players often move in the disguise of nice gentleman who will love you with his whole heart and respect you the most but the moment you open up the door of your heart and life for him, you will know that something is going wrong and it will be too late because he has played, dumped and has left your heart broken. Safeguard your heart with these signs. Here are the surefire signs that the guy you are dating is a player.

  1. Wandering eyes

If you find your guy’s eyes wandering checking out other girls in front of you that too in a smirk-sleazy manner, do not waste your time on him. There are chances that he can do even more than stare when you are not around.


  1. If he says “parents love me”

If he says so, this means he knows how to say all right things to lure you and your parents. Do not fall into his trap. Do not put his talent into testing instead take action and step back.

  1. He is on and off in contact

If he is the one who blows your phone with calls and messages one day and the other day he just disappears, this shows he is being flaky. Do not bother texting hi, asking if he is okay because you will not hear from him. if you think it is something you said that hurt him, scan your previous conversation but most probably he is either giving time to someone else as well or is offended.


  1. Strong and fast

If it is just been a while that you are talking with some guy and he already confessed his love for you and how he wants to marry you and surprises you with things, he is a player. These are some easy ways to lure you girl.

  1. He has cheated before

If you are with a guy whose last relationship ended because he cheated, there are possibilities that he can cheat again. And if you are the one with whom he cheated on his ex, the chances of him cheating on you are even higher.


  1. He is not your friend on social media

If he is ready with excuses like he is not on Facebook or he does not know why he has the account on Facebook or he does not friend with any girl he dates on Facebook, and you see his display picture changing frequently, he is a player. If he would not, he would not mind you being in his account as it makes communication easy.

  1. “Hmm, maybe”

If you ask him to hang out today, tomorrow or any day and he reply back like “hmm, maybe”, “I’ll see”, then you are dating a player. He is not sure if will be on the date with some other women, he will hang you till last moment.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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