8 Stupid Ways Period Can Affect Your Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your periods are a week’s horror story. You deal with cramps, bloating, headache, discomforts, pooping way more, acne, dry skin, and mood swings. Periods can even affect your relationship because why not, you are just not yourself and acting like a paranoid. Your hormones deal with changes that can even change the way you think and feel for your partner. Here are 8 stupid ways periods can affect your relationship.

  1. You might feel like breaking up with your man

When we are on our periods or right before that, we usually worry about our relationship. And after that, we brush off the negative thoughts and feel more attracted towards our partner. Before your period, you might have a gut feeling to break up with your partner.


  1. Your man too might experience some PMS symptoms

Guys usually feel more hungry and tired when their partner is going through PMS. It is just like couvade syndrome, a psychological condition where men feel the symptoms of pregnancy when their partner is pregnant.

  1. You can have communication problems

The first half of your cycle i.e. the time when you do not have periods is the best time to communicate with your partner because that is when your progesterone level is low and this gives you a better understanding of your partner’s emotions. You will listen and communicate better when you are not on periods.

  1. You kiss more and more

Two weeks before your period and ovulation are the times when women consider kissing as the most important intimacy act. You might kiss more when you are on your period.


  1. You might think about cheating on your partner

During the ovulation stage, you are more likely to flirt and check out another man than your partner. And if you are not attracted to your partner enough, then the willingness to hook up with someone else will intensify, this might be because your body is looking for a perfect mate to produce kids with.

  1. You will feel more distant from your partner

If you do not feel that your man is the hottest person, then during periods you will feel more distant from your partner. Your periods affect your feelings for your partner.

  1. The tone of your boyfriend might change

When you have your period, your boyfriend might start speaking differently. When guys speak to women who are fertile, the men are less likely to mimic the way the women speak. When the women are less fertile, the men mimic about their speech more.

  1. More of sex

If you are sexually active, you will crave more sex when you are bleeding. When you have the period, you actually feel more horny and aroused. Your blood might make you stop from having sex, but this is the time you crave the most for sex. Remember period sex is fine and it will make you feel great.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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