8 Things that are total MONISHA sarabhai

One of the most remembered television sitcom in India is the very famous Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai. The show ended in 2006, but even today we draw references from that TV Show and have fun among ourselves. The TV Serial Sarabhai made the Gujrati culture popular among us. But the odd one out from the ensemble cast was Monisha played by Roopali Ganguly. She was the cutest one due to the “middle class” avatar she portrayed in this show. Don’t we all behave a little middle class in our daily lives?

  1. Blackmailing the Husband

“Sahil! Main ghar chhod ke jaa rahi hoon!” was Monisha’s classic dialogue every time she and Sahil had a fight. Every time there’s a fight between a husband and a wife, the wife resorts to this blackmail. Truly those people who belong to high class do not use these words because it shows how much dependent a lady can be on her husband.


  1. SALE!!! SALE!!! SALE!!!

Remember the Popat Kaka episode where Monisha was excited to go to Las Vegas because there was a sale going on in all the malls there? Hilarious! In real life too, we all do a little happy dance when we hear about a sale now, don’t we? Not only that the free thing always excites us. Like bonkers, we watch TV shows where people are participating in some stupid games and gets gift vouchers, and the epitome is that we even feel happy on that win.


  1. The best bargain queen

All the Sarabhai lovers know how ardently and passionately Monisha bargained. It seemed like she has done a pH.D in bargaining. She did that to Sarojini Nagar type market as well as malls. Don’t we all do that?


  1. Exchanging Old Clothes for New Vessels

We have seen our mothers doing this at some point or another? It has got nothing to do with Dad is giving money to Mom for household expenditure. But what would the old clothes do in stock room? Rather it should be recycled in the perfect middle class way – right?


  1. Using ‘Vernacularly Middle Class’ Words

There are certain words Monisha uses on the show that are labelled by her mother-in-law Maya as middle class and ‘vernacular’ middle class. Some of these are haila, haichit, kamina. Maya utterly despises it when Monisha uses such words and phrases.


  1. Middle Class Food Habits

Slurping the straw until the falooda is finally over, asked for free ka sev kurmura when buying sev puri from that Ram Pyaare ka thela near the gutter and wiping the lassi glass clean with fingers! If you do all these, you are surely a Monisha in disguise.


  1. A Soap Opera Fan

What would Ekta and Shobha Kapoor do without you people? Like many other middle class bahus, if you too spend a lot of your spare and valuable time in front of the idiot box watching silly soap operas, definitely you are a Monisha.


  1. A Plastic Bag Collection

Do not try to hide this one. All the vegetables, clothes, food, or any other thing brought from outside once taken out of the packet, you would keep the plastic under the bed or in a bag meant only to keep the plastic bags. So, middle class…………..and that too vernacular.


Skadoosh guys!

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