16 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has On Her First Date!

By- Shreya Sharma

First dates are awkward. You are nervous, you want to make a good impression and sometimes even then things can go odd and unpredictable. You face mixed emotions from butterflies to excitement to shivering chills running down your spine. You will decide to meet a guy on the date only once you find them attractive and fun, but as you have decided to go on a date, you will have certain thoughts. Here are 16 thoughts every girl has on her first date.

  1. What to wear?

You will spend hours to decide what to wear according to weather and location and you will try various outfits to find the one that suits you the best.


  1. I hope I am not late

Oh, I do not want him to wait. But I do not want to look desperate either. Oh, what if he is on time?

  1. Am I still looking great?

Once we step out of the sight of the mirror to head towards the destination, we are worried if we are still looking the same.

  1. Should I hug or handshake?

What to do? Is he okay with hugs? Will this look odd?


  1. He is even cuter in person

His Facebook pictures do not do justice to him.

  1. Am I eating odd?

We try to be well-mannered and wonder if there is something stuck in our teeth or why I have to use this knife and fork.

  1. I need to act casual. I need to be myself only

Calm down, stay yourself. He is just a human. No, I cannot act awkward.


  1. Am I talking too much?

Am I making sense? I do not want to make a fool out of myself just to impress him.

  1. Is he trying to flirt?

Is he impressed by me? Does he use this line on all girls?

  1. Should I share the bill?

Is he going to pay? Should I pay? Should I offer help? Oh, I should not have ordered this expensive dish.


  1. Why am I being so awkward?

Was he trying to hold my hand? What should I do now?

  1. Should I talk about serious stuff?

Should I talk about my ex or politics or school? Oh, I should better talk about other things.

  1. Oh I need to use the bathroom

How do I tell him that I need to use the loo?


  1. Should I flirt back?

Should I participate in flirting? Will he be able to deal with it? Should I go sober?

  1. Oh I will tell this to my BFF

Oh, I need to be patient. I will tell her everything once I get back home.

  1. How should I say goodbye?

Should I hug? Side hug or full hug? Should I kiss? Will we have another date?


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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