11 Giant Red Flags That He Is Toxic For You.. Leave Him ASAP!

By- Shreya Sharma

There are guys who are sweet and charming in the beginning of the relationship but start to show their true colors when you fall for them. You might think it is hard to know if a guy is toxic without actually knowing him and investing your time and emotions in him, but the truth is you can know it in advance, you just need to catch a few clue. Here are 11 giant red flags that he is toxic and it is better you leave him ASAP.

  1. He seems to be hiding something

He cannot answer a simple question. He does not ever provide you details regarding his whereabouts which makes you suspicious about his acts. He is being shady for a reason.


  1. His guy friends are awful, rude and immature

Your friends say a lot about who you are. His guy friends are single and do not respect the woman. They are rude, arrogant and immature and this shows why they cannot have a girlfriend.

  1. He tries to control your actions

He indirectly tries to control your life. He will give you suggestions on how to live your life, but those are more like rules. He will suggest you regarding your clothes, if you should go out or how much you should eat.

  1. You are not his priority

For him, his needs come before your needs. He is selfish and you are not his priority. Everything comes before you for him and he is ready to come up with excuses and might blame you for being selfish.


  1. He gives every single detail about your relationship to his friends

Whenever you have sex; he texts his friends and tells them every detail. His friends know everything about what all you have tried, your bra size and other things. Whenever his friends see you, they giggle and wink at each other.

  1. You catch him in lies regularly

He does not even try to hide his lies. He lies about stupid things and when you call him out, he blames it on you that you misunderstood him or he has to lie because you go crazy when he tells you the truth.

  1. He only talks about himself

All he cares about himself and nothing else. Your conversations are all about him, his life and his interest. And when you start to talk about yourself, he zones out and changes the subject.


  1. He calls you slut to be funny

Whenever you are with him and his friends, he treats you bad. He calls you slut juts to be funny or slaps your ass in public. He does not respect you or care about how you feel. He just wants someone he can show off.

  1. He is slowly changing you

He does not show affection or tell you that he likes you. He never makes you feel special. You blame yourself, you think you are not pretty enough or worth his affection. You are insecure and you have now turned into someone you do not even recognize.

  1. You have to defend him constantly

Your friends do not like him and ask you as to why you deal with him. You defend him and tell them that he is not like this always. They do not believe you and you have to just make excuses for his behavior.

  1. He has no romantic history

He never had any serious relationship and he does not know how to have one. And this is wrong and there might be something wrong with him.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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