10 Things Guys Just Need To Accept About Girls!

By- Shreya Sharma

Men and women are same-same but different. There are some differences that are important for a man to accept so that they can understand their partner better. There are many things that women do which guys cannot be related with, be it something grand or something that just happen to notice. Not all women are same, still, a certain behavior is common in them. To have a better relationship with the woman, men needs to understand the logic behind certain things they do. Here are 10 things guys just need to accept about girls.

  1. Women handles emotion in a different manner than men

Men prefer acting out their emotions rather than expressing them in words gently. Expressing their emotions make them feel being weak and vulnerable, whereas women express their emotions verbally. They will talk about their feelings and problems with their friends and family. They are an ocean of emotions.


  1. Women go to bathroom in groups

Men usually go to the washroom alone and it is always an alone experience for them. However, women love to go to the bathroom together. They do this so that they do not miss out on any conversation and so that they have someone to tell them if their dress is okay or if they can borrow the lipstick.

  1. Men and women usually have different taste in movie

Men majorly prefer action movies, WWE documentaries or male humor comedy movies, whereas woman usually prefers romantic, sappy love stories or movies with the female protagonist. Men may find these movies pointless and over dramatic.

  1. Women love to cuddle

To a lot of many men, cuddling may feel annoying and a waste of time, but many women just love it. They are nurturing and affectionate in nature, so they like to reinforce their bond with other people.


  1. Women talk about you with their friends

Women love to process things with their friends, so if you are just starting to date, she will talk about you with her friends. They like to get feedback and support from their friends about the situation. A man may keep his dating life more private but there are chances that a female will not do the same.

  1. Women love cute things

Women are completely obsessed with anything they find cute; it could be a handbag, a puppy or just a color of paint. If they find something cute, they will love it and want it. A man may have no clue as to what women may find cute.

  1. Most women want commitment

Most men fear commitment and the chances are the girls you are dating wants commitment. Women want to feel like they are not being used for their body or not just another passing thing for their man. Women are emotionally invested in a relationship and thus ask for a commitment to know if they are valued or not.


  1. Women love weddings

Men may find going to the wedding most stressful thing, but women dream of their wedding since forever. Women dream about their wedding day, their dress, their ring and everything. It could be the most important moment of a woman’s life.

  1. Women want to communicate almost about everything

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. While a man may find it hard to express their feelings in words, a woman may want you to express her about what is going on with you emotionally. Women are in sync with their emotions, so if you refuse to express yourself, it can hinder the communication.

  1. Women like to dance in group

A man may find the idea of dancing with a bunch of male friends confusing, this is something women loves. It is a way for them to get together, and let off some steam doing something that they enjoy. A male equivalent of this is probably something along the lines of drinking beer, playing basketball or playing video games.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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