10 Things You Want To Say To Your Hair Stylist But Can’t!

When we go out to get our hair cut down, we have multiple thoughts in our head moving and flowing and banging but we hardly manage to say them all, all times. Even while we are getting it done or after that, we are fumbled up with ours thoughts. Here are the things that you want to say to your hair stylist but cannot.

  1. Will that cut make my face look fat?


  1. I know I said I wanted red, but now I am not sure if I like it.


  1. I know my shampoo is bad for my hair, but I do not want to switch- why does my color fade so much?


  1. I want a bang but not like a bang.


  1. Can I see your color swatches?


  1. My hair is really damaged and dry, but I do not want a deep conditioning treatment.


  1. Can you scratch my head a little more when you shampoo my hair?


  1. Do you know what you are doing?


  1. Showing up pictures and saying “I want to look like that but not like that”


  1. You want to negotiate for your hair treatment.


Source : tumblr, Giphy

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