8 Perks Of Having *Small* Boobs You Never Knew!

By- Shreya Sharma

You have tried it all, padded bras, exercise, stuffing your bra with tissue and what not. You just hoped to grow them to the “acceptable standard”. You worried if your chest just appears flat or at times wearing padded bra makes you feel, oh will this look odd? You need not feel the odd woman out. Here are the perks of having small boobs you never knew.

  1. You look younger

Your flat, pesky chest makes you look younger. Even when you are older and wiser, you look young and you can appreciate that. As with aging, larger boobs start to sag over time. But this is not with you!!

  1. You feel more pleasure in bed

Watching porn can make you feel bad about your boobs but small boobs have the larger advantage in the bedroom as they are more sensitive than larger boobs. Your small boobs are easy to stimulate during foreplay as they have the less fatty tissue. You will feel more motion, more feelings and more fun.


  1. You are less at risk of developing breast cancer

It is easier to detect a lump in your smaller breasts in self-exam because of the fewer layers to feel than the larger breasts, saving your life.

  1. You have better posture

You do not experience back pain as many women with larger breast do, you have better posture because your breasts are not weighing your body down. Big breasts not only hamper your posture and induce back pain but also neck problem and headache.


  1. You can wear button-down shirt easily

You have no clue how tragic it is when those large boobs are ready to burst out of your button-down shirt at any moment. You are free from that tragedy. Yeah!!

  1. You have endless choices of bra

You can wear the in-built bra, lacy bra that offers minimal support, training bra, you are lucky enough to have bra options!! Going braless too works for you.


  1. You can wear whatever you want in summer

You can wear the strapless bra, backless bra, halter bra or any other you want. You want to wear bikini tops, jog in the sports bra because your girlies are not going anywhere.

  1. You will not attract sexist man

Guys who like bigger boobs are shallow, creepy and sexist!! Your girlies save you from the encounter with such creeps. They are your savior.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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