16 Weird Thoughts You Have When You Are A Couple!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you grow in a relationship, you start to become comfortable with each other and things start to get weird. You pee while your partner is getting ready in the same washroom, you walk naked, you do not care about shaving or you might even use their brush. You start to have strange thoughts which are actually normal. Here are 16 weird thoughts you have when you are a couple.

  1. Who will die first?

Though this might scare the hell out of you, but it surely strikes your mind.


  1. Who will take the dog, if we break up?

This is when you live together and you have pets. You are more worried about your dogs.

  1. How will we manage to have kids and pet at the same time?

You worry if your kids are nastier than you dog. And what if your kids are scared of your pet?

  1. What if our kids are weird?

This could be a general concern or because one of you is a little weird or maybe because of all weird stupid things you both do together.


  1. How would we look when we are old?

If we will be this cool even then or not? Who will look hotter or maybe healthy?

  1. Are we going to listen to the same stories forever?

If you do not die or break up, then the answer is yes.

  1. What if one of us becomes untamable?

Will we stay with each other even then?


  1. How will we survive crises?

Every time there is any crisis or natural disaster, you worry if you both had been in that place, what you both would have done.

  1. Will I ever get used to his farts?

This is gross. But you get used to it. You get used to their farts and its smell.

  1. Would we ever stop arguing?

The answer is no, you can never stop arguing or bickering.


  1. He might be the last person to see me naked

This is because you do not want someone else to step into your life now.

  1. Should I suffocate them in their sleep?

It is ok to have this thought, but do not work on it.

  1. Will he break up with me if I snatch the sheet from him?

No, that is okay!


  1. What if they lead a double life?

What if, this is all a lie? What if they are lying to us?

  1. What is he thinking about when he is not listening to me?

We all want to know what they are actually thinking about at that time.

  1. How did I get so lucky to have him?

You feel blessed to be with him.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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