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11 Things You Never Knew You Do Being An Introvert!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being an introvert is not an easy task, you have to be sure that it does not turn out to be rude and arrogant Cancelling plans, showing up late or avoiding phone calls are just handful ways to avoid the social interaction by introverts. You are so tightly wrapped in a blanket that you do not wish to come out of it and spread your wings. Here are 11 things you never knew you do being an introvert.

  1. Never answer phone calls

Since one cannot see expressions or gestures on phone calls, they are stressful and awkward for you and you would rather speak to people face to face.


  1. Cancel plans

This is not being rude or this is not to offend someone, you just need alone time now and then. You cannot handle too much of stimulation and interaction all at once because it drains you off.

  1. Do not participate in interaction

Small talks make you anxious and nervous. You prefer deep conversations than the small talks which drain you of your energy and makes you run for your life.

  1. Enjoy alone time

It does not mean you are shy or hate people. You just wish to spend days with yourself when you have over done with your limit of interactions.


  1. Leave parties early

The moment, the party gets too noisy and overcrowded, you prepare your exit plan and leave the party. You feel isolated in crowded places. You prefer dinner with your closed ones or coffee by yourself.

  1. Have an extrovert best friend

You are living example of opposites attract. They understand you when you need time for yourself. With them, you can have those deep meaningful conversations rather than those small talks that drain you of your energy.

  1. Travel alone

You prefer traveling alone. You are an excellent observer and thinker and this is the best time for you.


  1. You spend time observing rather than talking

You love to observe people and their behavior. You do not participate in chit-chat, at parties and concert because it ruins your opportunity to learn and think quietly.

  1. You are picky when it comes to friends

You have close friends whom you choose to spend your time with because you know you can have deep conversations with them. This makes you feel alive.

  1. You prefer to read books or do work in cafes

You feel satisfaction working at a place that is surrounded by people, and you do not have to interact with anyone. You love to sit quietly on your own and reading and writing.


  1. You feel energized when alone

You get so much energy from focusing on yourself and really thinking on your own in silence. You enjoy hanging out with your close friends and people that you love

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