7 Ways To Tell If He Wants To Kiss You Right Now!

By- Shreya Sharma

To kiss someone should come within your instinct. Words exchanged, foot direction and sensual passionate glance are enough to tell that the time is right to lean in for a kiss. But usually, when you are with someone you like, your instinct stops working. Kissing is the perfect way to end the date. If you are in the moment with your crush that can possibly result in a kiss, you do not wish to be the one to miss out on it. And you even do not want to look like a jerk expecting a kiss. Here are 7 ways to tell if he wants to kiss you right now.

  1. They are getting quite

If you are hanging out with someone, and they suddenly get a little quiet, this could either mean that they have been taken over by the demon or he is trying to work up the nerve to kiss you.


  1. They are looking at your lips

You both are talking, and you cannot help but notice that they cannot seem to look away from your lips. This could mean that you have something stuck to your mouth or they just want to kiss you. Looking at someone’s lips is a great sign of attraction and shows that they want to kiss you.

  1. They are getting fidgety

If you are sitting on a couch with your crush and you notice them shifting their body weight around instead of getting up to leave, this is a sure sign that they want to kiss. They are just a little nervous and trying to work themselves up. How you react depends on you; you can lean in closer or just turn away.

  1. They lick or bite their lip

Licking one’s lips is often considered a way to draw attention to their lips either consciously or unconsciously to make you want to kiss them.


  1. They mirror your behavior

If you notice the guy with you leaning back when you lean back or shake their head as you shake your head, then it is a sign that he wants to kiss you. You are even doing the same giving him the signals that you want to kiss without even realizing it.

  1. They pop in a mint and offers you too

This might mean that he is just trying to cover up your bad breath, but if he is doing other signs on this list too, then it is the sign that he wants to freshen up the breath to be safe and kiss you. If you are into him, go in for the kiss.

  1. They are touching you

If they are gently laying their hand on your leg, arm or hand, this means that they are testing out how you feel about them, and you can take it as a first step of kissing. This way even you will be able to understand how you are feeling about the situation. If you feel excited by this contact, great but if this makes you feel odd and gross, this is your chance to step back before they kiss you.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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