Galentine’s Day? 13 Reasons You Need To Celebrate It!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is the day to celebrate your lady friends in your life. It is about surrounding yourself with your die-hard friends. You know how the character was introduced by Leslie Knope in the famous NBC show. It is totally worth it to celebrate a day that is dedicated to all your lady friend who has been there in your life through your thick and thins, helped you shop, provided you nail-filler when you nail chirped and heard your stories when you were heart-broken. They are totally worth dedicating an entire day to them. Here are 13 reasons you need to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

  1. It celebrates loving your friends

There are rare chances that we officially get to celebrate the girls we have in our life.


  1. Girls love parties

This is one more reason to party and one awesome and valid reason, where you can just have best lady friends and do whatever you want to do with them because they are your soul friends.

  1. It does not compete with Valentine’s Day

It is a day before Valentine’s Day, which means you can still celebrate Valentines’ Day if you want to.

  1. The presents are more valuable

It is because your bestie knows you the best and knows what you want and she may get you that as a present. Instead of the gifts that are about having sex with each other.


  1. Who needs a boyfriend?

You can easily wit with your lady friends and talk about boys, or not talk about them or talk about why boys are so important. Well!! Who need boys when you have your girls to take over the world?

  1. A day to treat yourself

It is your day and you can go for manicure, pedicure, shopping or ice-cream with your friends. Encourage your friends and splurge on treat yourself.

  1. You can be yourself

On that day, you can fuck the society standards and be what you want to be and what you are comfortable with. Be comfortable with your friends. If they are the best lady friend, you will not mind sitting shorts with them even when you have not shaved your legs!!


  1. Love yourself and cherish each other

It is a day to cherish yourself and your friends, and not about trashing boys or girls or anyone. Make your girl gang feel loved, hug them, give them home-made cookies and pamper them.

  1. You can celebrate it wherever you want

You can go out dancing at any place on Galentine’s Day or just stay at home with your girls.

  1. You can connect with the friends you have not seen in a while

Because you know there are some who got so busy with life that they hardly have time to go out or text back.


  1. You need not worry about getting dolled up

You know you will have to get all done up the next day, so you can relax being natural with your girls.

  1. You can make it a one-on-one with your bestie

And it is the time when you can shower your platonic love on her.

  1. There is no chance that it won’t be fun

And who wishes to miss the fun.


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