13 Things Every Girl In 20s Need To Hear Right Now!

By- Shreya Sharma

Yours 20s is the best time of your life. You strive, you learn, you grow, you fail, you succeed and so many more things to do. This is the time that turns you into who you are and you learn to be independent and climb your career ladder. Though this might seem horrible and you might be in complete stress, but this is the time that you are going to cherish in your 40s, maybe. Here are 13 things every girl in 20s need to hear right now.

  1. You will not stay here forever

You are lucky if you got your dream job after your graduation. But the chances are you will be stuck in shift basis job with a little wage and odd social hours. You might feel trapped, but this will not stay forever. You will not be in this maybe even in 10 years. You should be proud of yourself for putting the efforts to reach your goals.


  1. It is ok to have low times

Life is tough and there will be lows, but you will be fine if you are willing to get back and carry on. You cannot always be in the highs, a little low is normal.

  1. Your life changes

You are young and learning things day-to-day. You will fall. You will fail and struggle and pick up yourself and carry on. You will lose friends and make friends. Do not think you will stay in this rut forever; your life will take a U-turn.

  1. It is all fake on social media

You might have a friend with most sorted life, owning a house, get a dream job, boyfriend and everything perfect and you feel envy, but people put just the good part of their life with all filters over there. Nobody shows the truth and struggles of their life on social media. So, it is all a life and trap.


  1. Everything has its own positives

It might be hard for you to balance work and life. You might have no money or no social life and this might make you feel bad. But this is the time you explore yourself and your strengths so that you can brag about them later to your friend.

  1. Failure is a part of life

Do not be scared of failure that you do not try to take a chance. It is better to try than wonder what could happen. It is ok to fail because it will take you forward and you will know what to do better.

  1. You will get over your love

It is ok to have a bad relationship and lose love. You might feel that you will never get over him or will never be able to love again. With time, you will get over him and grow better. You will find someone who will make you wonder that love is not at all bad.


  1. You will have to put your efforts

To gain something, you need to be patient and work hard. There is no point sitting there wondering that someone will come to help you and take you out of this shit job. Put your efforts and you will be surprised with your achievements.

  1. Money is not everything

Yes, money is important because you got to pay for almost everything. But you just do not need money to make what you have got. It does not cost you millions to enjoy happiness. Visit your family, play with kids, and go on a drive or buy an ice cream. You will love your life.

  1. Things fall apart

Life is about growing up and growing apart. You might not be in contact with your school friends, but this does not mean that they are not your friend. It is hard to balance everything in life. It is great if you are still close, and it is okay if you are not. Put in your efforts to stay close with the friends you have now.


  1. You are growing old

With time age comes, and you are growing old. Back when you were in school life was simple, and you had no big time worries. But now, your body might start to throw tantrums. Take care of your body and it will boost your mood.

  1. It is ok to have no plans

It is ok if you do not have any clue about what you want from life. You have the chance to explore and experiment to find out what you want. You will make mistakes but eventually, you will be on the right track.

  1. Enjoy this time the most

Go travelling, see the world. Go and party and meet new people. Be spontaneous. Cram in deadlines because you lost track of time. Be selfish. Have fun and enjoy yourself because one day, your time won’t be just your time.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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