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7 Things If Ignored Can Damage Your Relationship In The Worst Way!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we get into a relationship, we all want a long lasting relationship. No one likes dealing with heartbreaks. We try to make the strongest bond with our man, but sometimes, few things affect out the bond in a negative way and we just ignore them. Allowing these little things to impact our relationship makes it difficult for it to survive. We gradually grow apart. Realize these suicidal factors on the every stage of your relationship to let it survive even the hardships. Here are 7 things if ignored can damage your relationship in the worst way.

  1. Taken for granted effect

A relationship requires efforts from both sides. In the initial stage, we plan the date, make romantic gestures and try to make our partner feel special but as we get comfortable we stop making efforts and start taking each other for granted. Show you affection and care for your partner.


  1. Romance fades

When you started dating, sure it was hard for you both to keep your hands off each other. You used to look for chances to snuggle up, steal kisses and holding hands. You have to keep the romance and intimacy high in your relationship even when it starts fading. Give your special attention to your man.

  1. Being jealous

Sometimes we do not realize that we do not realize how we act out of jealousy. This slow killer can make us think the unwanted and destroy things in a relationship. He might be out with his mom, but your mind will make you think that he is lying. Do not let it take the best of you.

  1. Sharing hobbies and interests

You might not have shared interest or hobbies, but you can develop one to strengthen your relationship. Agree to be a part of one another’s hobbies, so that you have more time to spend together.


  1. Bad mood

We all have bad moods at a certain time. We get irritated and pass weird wicked statements which lead to unwanted fights. Make it a rule to not talk when in bad mood.

  1. Different sense of humor

Having a different sense of humor can make you feel offended with one another’s jokes that can lead to an argument. Laugh but do not humiliate one another.

  1. Poor communication

When we get into a relationship, we pay attention to everything they say. But as we start settling in the relationship, we slowly start paying less attention to what our partner says. Spend time talking with your partner and listening to each other.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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