7 Different Stages Of Sex That All Couples Go Through!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sex is an important part of the relationship. Initially, it is all shy to get physical and intimate with someone. It will be hard to be naked with someone initially, but gradually your intimacy level will grow and your understanding and compatibility also grow. With the progress in the relationship, there is progress in your sex life as well. Here are 7 different stages of sex that all couples go through.

  1. New relationship is about attraction and infatuation

You are in the new relationship and you do not know what your man likes and dislikes. You are attracted towards him and there is some sexual tension between you as you feel some butterflies fluttering in your stomach. It might be just attraction or infatuation and you might take time understand if you love him or not.


  1. You are in lust of love phase

When you know you love him, you want to go close to him and then you will start to spend some intimate time with your man. It will be difficult for you to keep your hands off your man. Every time you meet, you get intimate and this has become the need of your relationship.

  1. The commitment and sex phase

It’s been years that you are in a relationship and now you both are committed to each other. The thought of having sex with someone else is scary and you both do not have sex every time you meet, but when you have it, it is the strong one.

  1. Sex is comfortable feeling

You both are comfortable with each other that you have ever been. You do not have to plan sex always. You both know that lying in bed together and cuddling will lead to sex.


  1. You are growing with your relationship

You understand each other, love each other and enjoy each other’s company. You are committed and spend some fun loving time together. You understand what your partner wants from life; you travel together, go on dates and have the adventure together.

  1. Sex is a must do

There is a time when you should realize that you must have sex. It has become a necessity in your relationship and helps you maintain importance level. It keeps the intimacy alive in your relationship.

  1. You have a happy and healthy sex life

Your understanding and compatibility level have increased. It is not about urge and lust, it is a way to show love to each other. You take the responsibilities in your relationship.



Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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