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15 Ways To Have Him Want You More Than Ever!

By- Shreya Sharma

Do not accept your boyfriend for who they are if he is nowhere like the man of your dreams. This will only make you compromise with what you want and you will just keep on waiting for the slightest of romantic gesture from your boyfriend. Every guy can be a perfect boyfriend, all you both have to do is to put in efforts instead of taking your relationship for granted. If you want your boyfriend to appreciate you, do not compromise with your wants as he will accept you for this instead of realizing how understanding you are. Sacrificing should be a mutual activity in your relationship. Here are 15 ways to have him want you more than ever.

  1. Look sexy

For a man, physical appearance plays an important part in his ego and desire to be with you. Build up your game and look sexy to turn his eyes when you are in his arms. If his friends think that you are hot, he will desire you more and will never let you go.


  1. Have respect for yourself

When in the relationship, love should be a mutual experience. Be confident and have respect for yourself, your boyfriend will respect you and admire you even more.

  1. Be smart

Men think they are more aware and intelligent. Prove him wrong and be aware of the news and current affairs in the world around you. He will take you more seriously.

  1. Spend time with friends

Make plans and go out with your friends. Feel good about yourself and you can even have the conversation with other cute guys. Do not forget you are still the same girl you were before entering into the relationship. He will miss you more when you will not be easily available always.


  1. A life of your own

Your boyfriend is just a part of your life, always remember this. If you are always with him or available all the time, he will start taking you for granted.

  1. Play hard to get

If you ever feel your boyfriend has started taking you for granted, learn to put him in place. It will scare him, but he will learn not to take you for granted.

  1. Go wild on him!

Try new things in bed. Do not be predictable in bed and he will want you more sexually. Enjoy sex and explore your passion and interest in sex.


  1. Walk away if he disrespects you

When he disrespects you, shrug him off and avoid his calls. Show him that you have self-respect and he will be scared to take you for granted further.

  1. Work on your dreams

Be passionate about your dreams. He will never respect you or desire you if you do not have any ambition and stares blankly at him when he talks about his desires

  1. PDA

Men feel desired and lucky when their girl appreciates them in public. Wrap your arms around him or touch his cheek for his efforts. He will be happy to have you.


  1. Say No to pushover

If your man cancels the plans at the last moment or leaves you in between to be with his friends or any other silly reason, do not accept such behavior. If he back out, call another cute guy and hang out with him. This is the only way he will learn to treat you with respect.

  1. Do not be too eager to please him

If you are the only one putting in efforts to please your man and he just behaves like a slob, then stop putting in efforts and let him please you all over again.

  1. Do not always be the first one to make up

If your boyfriend is taking you for granted, you need not be the one makeup first all the time even when it is not your fault. It is the time to ignore him and give him cold shoulder for a while. If he really cares for you, he will come back to you.


  1. Do not be clingy

Show him that you are independent and can sort out your issues on your own. He should value your time and should know that being with you is a privilege.

  1. Do not be a damsel in distress always

Men love a damsel in distress, but only if you play the part in the right manner. Make him feel like a man, but don’t always go trailing him for help.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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