10 Wonderful Ways To Make A Guy Laugh!

By- Shreya Sharma

You do not have to act dumb just to make a guy laugh thinking that it will look more attractive to men. You do not have to show your inferior level of intelligence just to make your man feel superior. To impress your man, you need to be straight forward. Be who you are, and keep dumbing down for him as a last option or do not even think of it as an option. There are many ways to make a guy laugh without dumbing yourself. Make sure you two laugh together instead of him laughing at you. Here are 10 ways to make a man laugh.

  1. Use sarcasm

Sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence. It promotes creative thinking. Use sarcasm to make your man laugh. This way you show your intelligence and challenge him to think on your level.


  1. Incorporate current events

Add current events into your jokes. It will show him that you have a great hold on current events and you are more than just Fashion news.

  1. Honor intelligence

Do not make anyone victim of your jokes. Make intelligence a victim of your jokes. It will show him that you are not interested in dumbing yourself down to make him laugh. He might find it arrogant but look out a way to let him not think this way.

  1. Talk about what he likes

Figure out what he likes and use it as an advantage. Crack jokes taking his liking and interest into consideration. This way you will not have to dumb down yourself.


  1. Take your strengths into consideration

Focus on your strengths to make your man laugh. If it is one serious conversation or you are just making fun of something, speak about the things you know in that regard. Present the knowledge you have in a fun and flirty way and he will laugh.

  1. Go dirty

Do not be afraid to make dirty jokes as it requires brain power to figure them out. The great thing about dirty jokes is that they are erotic and you can send out all kind of signals to him. He will be laughing and wanting more.

  1. Be strange

Do not shy away from laughing at yourself. Be kooky and quirky while talking with a guy. During the conversation, your manners and facial expressions play an important role, so be expressive and make fun of yourself.


  1. Be inventive

Be creative with your words and ideas, and it will add more to humor. Break out of your comfort zone and be inventive. It will make him laugh and he will love you for it.

  1. Timing of joke

Keep it smart by timing your jokes and not forcing them onto him. Let your humor come out at the right moment. So long as you sense a positive and easygoing vibe, it should be safe to crack whatever joke you have up your sleeve.

  1. Use of technology

Engage in a witty banter via messages or e-mails. Since he cannot see you in person, he does not know what is coming next and you can blow him off. Keep it short and surprise him with your wit. You can even use hilarious memes to make him laugh.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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