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20 Signs Of Attraction That Shows In Your First Conversation!

By- Shreya Sharma

Okay, so you meet a guy and he seems to be more than friendly with you. He is overenthusiastic around you and you may not even realize that it is his way to show you that he is interested in you. We know guys fall for a girl a lot faster as compared to girls. And this is even what makes it difficult for us to understand if this enthusiasm is for real or not. There are chances that a lot many guys may have been attracted towards you in the first conversation only. If it is still a trouble for you to understand, then here are 20 signs of attraction that show in your first conversation.

  1. He tries to touch you

Remember the conversation; do you feel that he was finding excuses to touch you every now and then? Does he hold on the hug longer? Does his finger linger on you more? If yes, then he is attracted towards you.


  1. He gets personal

Have you noticed him asking personal questions in the first conversation? If yes, then he is attracted towards you and wants to know if you are available or not. If he asks you about your boyfriend in the first conversation, then he is into you.   

  1. He tries to please you

Sometimes, when a guy likes a girl, they try really hard to please the girl. If you find him being overly concerned and constantly asks you if you are feeling fine or if he can get you something, then he is definitely into you.

  1. He ends the interruptions quickly

Do you find him ending the distractions really fast like disconnecting the call within seconds? It shows that he only wishes to focus on you and make every second with your count.

  1. He cannot stop smiling

If you find the guy smiling and blushing in the middle of the conversation for no apparent reason, then he is really falling for you and is excited about the idea of talking with you.


  1. He is mesmerized by you

If a guy likes you, he cannot help but stare deep into your eyes. If he gazes deeply or his eyes brighten up while talking with you, he is really happy with you.

  1. He wants your attention

Do you find him doing some antics to get your attention or talks more when other guys are around? When a guy likes you, he will try anything to win your attention if you are distracted by other guys.

  1. You have a lot of similarities

Do you find him agreeing with everything you say or does he excitedly agree with everything you say you like? This is his way to show you that you both are compatible and share a lot of similarities.

  1. He asks you about your next meeting

You just met a guy through your friend, had words and then he asks you about when he will meet you next! This shows he is attracted towards you.

  1. He is over protective about you

Does he have that protective streak in you when he is around you? If he tries to safeguard you from danger, he is trying to tell you that he wants to be your protector.


  1. He is very friendly

You may find it creepy when a guy tries to be over-friendly in the first conversation. But if he guy likes you, he will pretend that you are best of friends so that you feel comfortable with him.

  1. He find ways to meet you again

If you find him asking about your weekend plans, there are chances that he wants to bump into you again.

  1. He hints at your relationship status

He knows that asking directly about your boyfriend is too personal, so he will try to coax his words to get an answer from you. If he asks you about the last movie you watched and with whom or nay such question, then it is his way to know about your boyfriend.

  1. He makes subtle plans or drags the conversation

If a guy urges to stretch the conversation then it shows that he likes you. if you both have spare time and he asks you to join him for a coffee, he definitely is attracted towards you.

  1. He compliments you

Compliments are pleasing and personal. If the guy you met for the first time compliments you for your dress or smile, then he is falling for you.


  1. He looks for ways to stay in touch

You have been talking for past few minutes and then he asks you for your phone number or your Facebook profile, then he is trying his luck so that he can stay in touch with you.

  1. He stays in touch

Okay, so you shared your Facebook profile or your number and he drops your messages more than a few times a day, then he is trying to get in touch with you.

  1. Aggressive

He gets aggressive when other guy tries to make him look bad or pulls his leg in front of you. He does not want to look bad in front of you.

  1. He impresses you with details

He talks about his achievements and talks about himself in detail to impress you. He likes you enough and that is why trying to convince you that he is a great guy.

  1. He makes it obvious that he is single

If a guy makes it clear to you that he’s single in the very first conversation you have with him, it’s one of the biggest signs of attraction for a guy. Why would a guy tell you he doesn’t have a girlfriend unless he wants you to be the one?


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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