10 Ways Your Relationship With Your Sister Changes After She Gets Married!

By- Shreya Sharma

Our sister is an important part of our life since our childhood. She is the one we share the love-hate relationship with. We fight over clothes, over sharing wardrobes and makeup and borrowing money. But still, we pamper, motivate and support each other always like a perfect team. But post her marriage, the relationship changes and you have to deal with it. Here are 10 ways your relationship with your sister changes after she gets married.

  1. There are more responsibilities on you

Post your sister’s marriage your responsibilities increase and everyone expects you to handle them in a mature manner. You have to now juggle up with her spouse, her family, your relatives and so many other things.


  1. Communication becomes less

Before marriage, you both used to share every single detail of your life. But now the things have changed and she has become less interested in your life. And the time you used to spend together has been taken away by other things.

  1. You cannot count on them anymore

Earlier you used to plan parties and trips together, but now you have to check her availability since she is married. And most of the times she will be busy with her new family.

  1. No money borrowing

She must be your financial support and helped you with shopping and parties and giving you gifts every now and then. But now, you cannot ask for financial help because she has another family to look for and her priorities have changed.


  1. No more fights and arguments

We had fights with them over small issues, but now you have to be polite with her. You have to think twice before talking to her about anything.

  1. Less of dependence

You will have to have less of expectations from her. You have to learn to lead your life independently.

  1. Get along with her partner

She will expect you to behave well or get along with her partner. You will have to make a cordial relationship with her partner, whether you like it or not.


  1. Limited access to her things

Earlier you used to share and borrow clothes from each other. Now, you have to be careful before asking for something.

  1. You cannot dominate her anymore

You can’t boss around once she gets married. You need to accept the truth that your sister has left your home and staying at some other place. You might feel a bit weird about it, but it is just a part of life. Learn to accept it!

  1. No more pet names

You had silly pet names for her, but now you cannot call her with them. She will expect you to behave properly in front of her in-laws.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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