21 Girls Share Gross Things They Do When Their Partner Isn’t Around!

By- Shreya Sharma

You will be all classy, decent, and hygienic and all ‘women’ like when you are around your partner but, we are true to ourselves when we are alone. This society has forced us into being the stereotyped girl that is no less than a Barbie doll, which means fart, poop, and things are not what women are supposed to do. But, to their dismay, we too are human and do all the necessary things that our body demands. And sometimes we are so obsessed with our presence that we end up doing some gross things. Here are 21 girls who share gross things they do when their partner is not around.

  1. Being gassy

“For some reason, I am very gassy first thing in the morning. So I get up, go into the bathroom, and fart my way through my makeup routine. So far he hasn’t said a word.” —Anotherface95  


  1. Chewing toenail

“Chew my toenails. I’ve done it for years but I know my husband would freak out if he saw me do it (he doesn’t like feet)”Jazzymoose

  1. Garbage and clothes everywhere

“I will literally just leave my garbage and clothes everywhere and live like a slob, I’ll do a 5-minute tidy when I get that ‘on my way home’ text and he’s never been the wiser. Just waiting for the day he comes home early and I’m sitting half naked on the couch with empty chip bags surrounding me and me picking crumbs out of my cleavage.” —CJRosexx

  1. Butt hair out

“I like pulling my butt hairs out. I’d shave, but every time I try shaving my ass it ends up in me accidently cutting myself. It’s hell.”cuddlise

  1. Pick Nose

“I pick my nose.” —L1ttleMonster


  1. Hand in panties

“I’ll walk pantsless around the apartment with my hands in my panties like it’s a little pocket. It’s 100% not sexual, just comfy as fuck. I’ll also perform makeup tutorials with my cat as my sole audience. I’ll also pluck my ginger unibrow that I’ve managed to keep hidden from him for 3 years. And my three chin hairs.” —jerden

  1. Scratch cootch

“I scratch my cootch, or just touch it. Similar to when guys just have their hand hanging out down there, nothing sexual. I also like my own smell, though, so I sniff my finger when I’m done.” —thatgrrrl117

8. Luxury poops

“I have luxury poops…. I’ll roll a joint, sit on the toilet, watch Netflix on my tablet, maybe bring in a coffee… just poop for like 30 minutes. My bathroom is super comfy.” —DreyaNova

  1. Eat like crazy

“I get super fucking high, sit around in dirty PJs, drink a 6 pack of beer, and order three boxes of breadsticks from Pizza Hut. I only need two boxes but they have that damn minimum for delivery.” —MissBanana_

  1. Play with boobs

“Play with my boobs. Like, non-sexy boob play like pushing them together or wiggling them one at a time while going ‘boing, boing,’ things like that.” —RogueGoneRogue30


  1. Squeeze pierced nipples

“I had pierced nipples years ago, and the holes still gather sebum. I’ll wait for a couple weeks and then squeeze the goo out of each nipple (two piercing holes per nip) in an explosive POP! But only when my husband is not around.”graciewindkloppel

  1. Smell boob sweat

“I smell my boob sweat. I swear that it smells better than the rest of my body.”Laurie_Jo

  1. Explosive fart

“Fart explosively. I get a certain satisfaction from letting go of a gas bubble that could fill a birthday balloon, but I doubt my SO would.”stormycloudysky

  1. Tweeze ingrown armpit hair

“Those ingrown armpit hairs aren’t gonna tweeze themselves.”nobody_likes_beets

  1. Pick at blackheads

“Pick at blackheads and analyze my pores. I also use scissors to cut split ends.”nativehoneybaby


  1. Play with vagina lips

“I grab the lips of my vagina and pull them out, making a suction sound. Kinda like if you grabbed your face cheeks and pulled them out continuously… Not sexual just funny.”SoKawaiiGirl

  1. Talk with vagina

“I talk Ace Ventura-style with my vagina.”blondeandtall

  1. Empty menstruation cup

“I empty my menstruation cup…

I poop/pee/fart/pick my nose/wear stank ass clothes/use my toys literally all of those are okay for me in front of him. But I refuse to open the flood gate of the bloody river. I yell at him to leave the bathroom. We are quite comfortable with each other otherwise.”NovaCain

  1. Burp openly

“Honestly, I openly burp when I’m alone. Loud roars, man. He comes around and I keep it quiet and hidden behind my hand.”AlyceMagick

  1. Smell his dirty shirts

“I smell his dirty shirts because I love the smell of his pheromones.”Laksflas

  1. Masturbate thinking others

“I masturbate thinking about other guys (and even girls) sexually dominating me, since he is not into dominant sex (I girlhandle him.)”antipoppingcrusade92


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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