15 Embarrassing Things We Have Thought About Sex Ever!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we were naive-kids, sex was one topic to haww about!! We actually heard about it through our friends who thought they know everything or from those who were older in age than us. We all had some embarrassing things or thoughts about sex before actually understanding about it. As a naive-teenager we used to make wide guess about sex based upon the things we have heard. There is no set age to know about sex in detail. We all had some crazy thoughts about sex which are actually myth. Here are 16 embarrassing things we have thought about sex ever.

  1. Guys are supposed to pee in a girls’ vagina

Of course as a kid what else we would assume to come out of a penis!!


  1. Getting naked and lying next to each other is sex

Thanks to all the daily soaps, we all ended up with this perception that kissing and getting naked and then lying next to one another is sex.

  1. Blow jobs means actually blowing

The term is confusion for someone who has never done that or is just a kid. As a kid we all thought penis to be some straw or birthday candle to blow at.

  1. Sex is rolling around naked and kissing

This is kind of true but just some more action to be involved to it.


  1. You fell in love with person immediately after sex

You might have grown up hearing that sex instills some hormone that makes you fall in love with the person that you have had sex with.

  1. The penis just goes between the lips of your vagina

Well, this is not the only place to use the penis with your vagina.

  1. Sex is always amazing

Sex can be boring as well and there would be times when it will be awkward and not that dramatic as show in movies and shows.


  1. The penis gets into the same hole from where you pee

Most of us have even searched for that to confirm our belief!! But then there is one hole in your vagina where everything goes.

  1. Your hymen act like a seal pop

It actually literally pops, but it was considered to be something like the ribbon tied at the finishing point of race.

  1. Penis or something goes into the butt

Which is actually an option!!

moving eyes

  1. Gay sex involves two penises touching each other in erotic manner

This assumption comes from how boys act in the playground and what else they can do with penis during boy’s sex.

  1. Bellybutton has some important role

Does penis goes inside it or the babies come out of this? This was one mystery.


  1. Babies happen by magic

Babies were not related to sex. Our parents had to pray for this hard or visit the doctor to get a baby.

  1. Sex is something done for boys

Sex is not only to please the guys but also for woman pleasure, we are glad we know this.

  1. Ejaculation works as something sticky

And people just bind together with it? I don’t know. Where guys were supposed to come and how it was supposed to look or function was a complete mystery, so it clearly had to do with sticking.  


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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