15 Sexual Red Flags You Should Look Out For In Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

If your man is more concerned about his pleasure rather than yours, then you have one big visible red flag that is better not ignored. You both have the equal right to pleasure and orgasm. Your man should return you favors. And if not, you are sexually trapped. Here are 15 red flags you should look out for in the relationship.

  1. Your fantasies are not important

If your man laughs really hard when you explain him about your fantasies and what you want to do, then probably you will never feel comfortable exploring your fantasies with him.


  1. Your orgasm is none of their business

If your man would do anything rather than working for your pleasure, it is the time you run away from him.

  1. They pass weird comments about your body

The guy you are having sex with should appreciate the fact that he has you in his life rather than passing weird comments on your body. He should understand that nobody is perfect.

  1. Your man’s actions make you feel insecure about your body

We all have insecurities, but if yours are because of the things your partner does outside the bedroom like being a critic to every woman’s body, then it is better you go away.


  1. Feedbacks are not appreciated

If your partner gets angry when you direct them or tell them about what you like or dislike in the bed, it is better you discontinue doing the act with him. Of course, it is embarrassing, but instead of holding it, he should get over the embarrassment eventually.

  1. They pressurize you to do the things that you do not want to do

You should always say NO to the things you are not comfortable doing. Nobody can force you to do things for their own pleasure. Your partner should learn to respect you.

  1. Kissing them is a gross act

If you feel gross while making out with someone, then it is your body’s way of telling you to back out because you are not interested in them. It can happen when you are trying to force yourself to like someone because they are good enough but your body does not accept it.


  1. You cannot enjoy sex pretending your partner to be someone else

You are probably not living the best sexual life if you have to always think of your sexual partner as someone else. And if your partner catches you whispering someone else’s name then it will be more of drama.

  1. You know your partner had better times with other people

This is either because they unintentionally told you about how great sex used to be with his ex or maybe they are just mean enough to compare you. Either way, you feel bad about yourself.

  1. They use outdated ideas of safe sex

Your partner might have old ideas of safe sex, it is better you discuss when they have most recently been tested, or about the use of contraception. This will protect you from a lot of future troubles.


  1. They disappear when it has something to do with pregnancy or STI

Your man should be there by your side no matter whatever is the situation rather than disappearing.

  1. You are not on the same sexual page

If your and your partner’s sexual interest does not match, then it can be one big problem. Though compromise is the key, but it is of use only if you both want things to work.

  1. They are obsessed with your orgasm

Your partner should have equal standards for yours and their orgasm, but going overboard is scary. But if your partner is obsessed with your orgasm and does not understand that you are not in the mood and then acts like there is something wrong with you, then it is a big no-no.


  1. They freak out at normal body functions

While having sex, your body can create some weird strange sound, so the best way is to laugh over it together. Your man should not freak out at the sound of queefing or should not make fun of you.

  1. They are only nice to you during or after sex

We love when someone whispers sweet nothings in our ear, but not to realize it later that it was just for that moment and nothing more.



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