8 Things That Men Finds Attractive About Women (And It Has Nothing To Do With Looks)

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have heard and read about how your hair, eyes, smile or many other things attract men but have we ever went beyond the looks? Have we ever thought that is this only looks that matter to a man? There are men who are not impressed by just good looks and demand more in a woman. Here are 8 things that men finds attractive about women and it has nothing to do with looks.

  1. Being kind

Men look for kindness in their partner. They do not want you to be nice and kind with just him, or his friends or his family, he wants you to be someone who is nice to everyone that you come in contact with. All you have to do is smile to people and this will brighten their day and your man will love it.


  1. Being positive with a sense of humor

Having a great time and sharing a good laugh is important in any relationship. Your emotional stability and good mood should be your priority. And only after this you can take life with positivity and humor.

  1. Have some passion

Man wants their woman to be passionate about her life goals as this inspires them a lot. The moment your eyes light up talking about the thing you want to achieve, it will make a man fall for you hard.

  1. Being great with his friends

Man wants to be with a woman who gets along with his friends and can be ‘one of the guys’ when she wants to be.


  1. Being comfortable with your sexuality

You should be comfortable with your own sexuality and should know about your sexual energies. Man finds it more fun to be with the women who knows what she wants in the bed. The sooner you embrace your sexuality, the more attractive you become.

  1. Being decisive

You should know what you want and should take responsibility for your decision. Be strong enough to take your decisions because men at times love to argue about where to have dinner or which movie to watch.

  1. Your sense of style

Men are visual creatures. So, they love it when a woman has a unique sense of style. They are all attracted to a certain style. Have a sense of style that your man will not get to see on every street corner and he will be attracted towards you more than any other woman.

  1. Being confident

Confidence is sexy. Men like to be around those who are confident and happy about themselves. They want to be with a woman who can stand up for herself and her opinion. But this does not mean that you argue about his favorite sports team, because he will certainly not like it, the way you will not like if someone argues with you about your favorite celebrity or band or singer.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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