How To Clean Your Vagina Without Damaging It!

By- Shreya Sharma

You might be thinking that washing it is the best way to clean it, but the truth is your vagina cleans it itself, so the best way to keep it healthy and clean is by leaving it alone. Your vagina is sensitive and has its own PH level and using products that you use to clean other body parts will disturb its PH balance and can cause bacteria. Never douche or steam, scrub or rub it down with body wash. Here are ways you can clean your vagina without damaging it.

  1. Use a gentle soap

If you have to use soap, make sure you use the gentle one. Make sure you use the soap that has few dyes, perfumes, and last of chemicals as possible because chemicals can lead to itching and burning down there.

  1. Wash the vulva with water

Clean the external part of vagina that includes labia and mons pubis with warm water. Use your hand or wash cloth to gently clean the outer part of your vagina.

  1. Do not wash it everyday

The skin down there is quite sensitive, so over washing can lead to skin dryness and irritation. Try to do it every few days and do not exceed once a day.

  1. Choose the right underwear

To keep it fresh, stay away from anything tight fitting or made of non-cotton material because going against any of these can make it hard for your vagina to breathe and results in excess of odor and moisture. Wear loose fitting, cotton underwear.

  1. Wash your butt last

When you are washing up, clean your anal area last, this way you will not get germs or poop near your vaginal area which can lead to infection.

  1. Dry it off

Dry off your vaginal area with a towel when you step out of shower. Your vagina is a little moist naturally, so you shouldn’t be rubbing the towel there to get it dry totally. But gently patting the groin can help soak up excess moisture before you put on underwear, which will prevent potential yeast infections and odor, both of which can be caused by moisture.

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