12 Things Every Girl Is *Afraid* Of While Meeting His Parents!

By- Shreya Sharma

You are in a relationship since long; you are serious about each other, comfortable with each other and see your future with each other. Now, you have decided to take your relationship to next level and involve your parents in the relationship. You plan to meet his parents for the first time and you are all nervous and conscious. You fear if they hate you or things go wrong? Well, not just this, there are many fears you have. Here 12 things every girl dread while meeting his parents.

  1. If they do not like my dress?

Your future mother-in-law will notice every detail about you and she will discuss it later. You want to look your best.


  1. Should I be formal or will they be casual?

You fear how to act. You can formally greet his father, but what about his mother? How to greet her?

  1. Where to sit and how to sit?

You really want your boyfriend to guide you on this. You are confused to sit on the sofa, chair or where? You are confused if you should look them in the eyes, or keep things low key.

  1. The question “Where did you guys meet for the first time?”

You fear to say something different than what he has told his parents. You cannot afford the mismatch of the answer.


  1. What if I abuse in the middle of the conversation?

You are excited and you fear if out of comfort you use the F word in the conversation, it will ruin the first impression.

  1. What if I have to use the loo?

On such occasions, it is normal to run out of topics to talk about. And to avoid the awkward silence you may drink many times and this will fill your bladder and you will have to visit the loo often.

  1. What if I trip in these heels?

You might not be used to wearing heels or formal Indian clothes, but to impress his parents you will take the risk and fear tripping awkwardly in front of them.


  1. Should I get comfortable with them and talk about our secrets?

His parents will tell you many things about him. And in such situation, you might end up sharing secrets about your partner which might not go to well.

  1. What if conversation shifts from dating to the wedding?

Wedding conversation can make you feel numb and clueless. It is a sign that his parents have liked you. You need to be prepared for the answer in advance.

  1. If I do not like the food, should I still appreciate or keep mum?

Even if you do not like the food, you will have to appreciate and look happy.


  1. What if my phone rings in the middle of the conversation?

Phone on vibration mode is better than the phone with a Honey Singh’s song as the ringtone.

  1. What if they do not like me that way?

You feel that you will not be successful in impressing his parents. Here you lose all your confidence to meet them in the first place. Don’t let this bother you. Just go with the flow.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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