8 Surefire Signs Shows That You Are Your Own Boss

Nobody loves taking commands and working like a robot. We all want to live and work on our own conditions. Some just dream of this, while others try to achieve it. Some sure signs show that you are your own boss.

  1. You believe in “Suno Sabki, Karo Apni!”

You are a firm believer of this quote. You prefer taking advice from people or you just listen to what people say but you do what you feel is right. You do not buy shit from people.

  1. You are strong and independent

You need not to depend on others. You are self sufficient. You can go out on trips all by yourself; you do not need anybody to accompany you. You know you have that self confidence in you to handle any situation.

  1. You inspire people

You are inspiration to many. Your best friend, your mates even your parents are inspired by you and your ideology. Your parents give your example to others.

  1. You speak your mind

You are strong headed and cannot stand fakes. You are not the one to be subdued instead you are a rebel. You do not get into emotions instead go for logics. You have the power to shut people with facts and logic.

  1. You have strong belief in yourself

When you know you are right, that means you are right. You strongly believe that you make right decisions. Nobody has the right the right to put you down; you have not given this right to anyone. You love to dominate instead of being told what should be done.

  1. You are a go getter

You know your dreams and you will go to any edge to achieve them. You will switch jobs to get to your dream job. You will do what it takes to achieve your dreams.

  1. You know your priorities

You know your priorities. You know what to put first in your life be it about your career, your family, your love life or your friends. You know how to manage things without getting into chaos of “You don’t even have time for us.”

  1. Challenges excite you

You love it when someone challenges you about anything. You dare to take risk and go beyond your limits. You love to exceed your limits to finish off things like a pro.

Source : tumblr, Giphy

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