18 Harsh Realities Of Being A Woman!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being a girl has its own pros and cons. We have our smile to make people drool and then we have the variety of things to wear and tools to enhance our appearance. It takes a lot of hard work to be a girl. We are expected to perform the same job for less money. We are taken as the weaker sex and have to prove our strength time and again. And then we have to carry a baby in our womb and then pushing it out of our body and taking care of them for the rest of our life. Here are 18 harsh realities of being a woman.

  1. We hate getting ready

Not all woman, but of us hate the part if getting ready. It seems like taking ages to get dolled up. It is not just men who have to wait for us; even we feel irritated and pained getting ready. It feels like wasting your time just to look presentable as per the standards of society. We get ready for ourselves or for other females.


  1. Appointments

To maintain our appearance, we have to spend so much of time and money in various salons like hair, nails, waxing etc. Though this is one relaxing process, but it takes a lot of time as well. It is better to stay natural if you wish to safeguard your time.

  1. If we get in immediately, we are slutty. If we do not, we are prude

This is one lose situation where we are misjudged always. If a girl gives it up too quickly, she is viewed as slutty whereas if a girl takes the time to know a guy before surrendering herself to him, she is called a prude.

  1. We are funnier

In this society, men are considered to be funnier gender. Humor is not gender exclusive. There are girls who can make you laugh to the point of tears. People are shocked when women are funny but they actually are.


  1. Love is our top priority

We can do anything for love. This is one downfall; still, this is one brave feeling. This is being courageous to allow yourself to be vulnerable. We never give up on love. We know it is always worth another try.

  1. We have to think about our safety constantly

We have to be very conscious about our activities because of the chances of being raped, abducted or murdered. We cannot step out of our house late at night, because of the chances of facing ill.

  1. Sometimes we get special treatment and can get what we want because we are women

We get free things into most bars for free. We can attempt to flirt our way out of a speeding ticket. And not to forget our smile! We get help with the heavy bags and getting the tyre of our car fixed.


  1. Everything is super expensive

Every-fucking-thing is so expensive, clothes, pants, t-shirts, skirts, jackets, blouse, blazers, underwear and the list is never ending.

  1. We shed hair

With every attempt to blow-dry or straighten up our hair, we lose at least 20 strands of hair every time.

  1. We need our mom always

We never stop needing our mom, be it crying over a heartbreak, cooking, periods or any other problem. She is the one who understands us and cares for us the most.


  1. Our boobs and back constantly hurts

Our back hurts because of boobs and our boobs hurt for no reason.

  1. We enjoy food more than you

You may think that girls order low calories food like salad or sushi. But you got to see the table of hungry girls trying to share food.

  1. We are supposed to feel bad about being single

When we are in a relationship, we are asked when we are planning to get married and have babies. And if we are single, we are considered to be the choosy and picky one or that nobody found us that appealing. Being single does not mean we are sad; it is just that we have not found the right person yet.


  1. Men think that girls are crazy

Yes, some women are crazy but you cannot call every woman crazy because of them. When a guy says their ex was crazy, it gives a mix signals as then why were you in the relationship with her?

  1. Girls are quick to turn on each other

We have heard a girl rip apart another woman for getting in between her and her boyfriend when he’s the actual one to blame.  Place the blame where it belongs. And girls, just stop sleeping with other people’s boyfriends, it’s tacky.

  1. We are judged based on how we look

You are not judged over your qualification, you are judged on the basis of your appearance.


  1. We have to face sexual harassment almost every day

We are told what to do and we are forced or ill-treated on the streets.

  1. We are not as complicated as men think we are

In reality, we are simpler human beings. We want what everyone wants: to be loved and appreciated, to be treated with respect, to be told the truth, to have a solid group of friends, to have good hair days and to not get murdered. It’s really that simple.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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