8 Signs It’s Finally Time To Meet The Parents Of Each Other!

By- Shreya Sharma

Have you reached the stage in your relationship where everything is going smooth and you are comfortable around each other? Well if yes, then this is the stage you plan to meet your parents. This is the stage if you do not take things forward, you will start to move backward. It can be scary but probably it is the best time to meet each other, parents. Here are 8 signs it is finally time to meet the parents of each other.

  1. You are in a secure relationship

Before you think about meeting each other’s parents, reflect on your relationship and think if you are in a smooth and secure stage of your relationship. Make sure you are secure on the basis of emotions, trust, and finance. Your father will be worried if your partner can take care of you as he did.


  1. You have introduced him to your friends

If your partner has met all your friends, then it is the time to introduce him to your parents. When your partner meets your friends, it is the more open environment to mingle up. So, if they have crossed that stage, then it is the time to promote him to next level.

  1. He has met the rest of your family

If your partner has met the rest of your family by chance or intentionally, then it is the time you introduce him to your parents. Meeting the rest of your family will take off some pressure from him. It will give him common ground to meet and he will feel comfortable. And there are chances that if they have met your man, they will sooner or later bring your love life in front of your parents that can make the scenario a bit difficult for you to handle.

  1. He is in your future plans

You are no more ‘you and I’, you are ‘we’ now. If you both are planning vacations together, picking the furniture for each other’s house, doing daily chores together, then you are planning to be together in future.


  1. You have talked about it

If you have talked about meeting one another’s parents and embraced the idea, then what are you waiting for? You are mentally prepared and know each others parents. This will help you get rid of the excessive pressure.

  1. You are sure your parents will accept you

When you share every detail about your parents with your SO, it saves you a lot of awkward silence when they finally meet your parents. If you are proud of your partner and feel that your parents will love him too, then it is better you have them meet.

  1. When the time is right

It is hard to figure out the right timing. Planning to make them meet at a family celebration is a bad idea because they will be stressed and distracted. If you have already talked about your special someone to your parents, bring them more into the conversation, so that they feel familiar with them.

  1. You have met his parents

Your partner wouldn’t have introduced you to their parents if they weren’t seriously considering a future with you. It’s probably your turn to show them the same. Whether they tell you or not, once you’ve met your partner’s parents, they’re probably waiting for you to include them in your family as well.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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