15 Things You‘ll Understand If You’re An Optimistic Person!

By- Shreya Sharma

In this busy lifestyle, it is hard to have an optimistic approach towards life. Even optimistic people too have good and bad times, they too face difficulties like us, yet it is their positive and enthusiastic nature that keeps them going. Here are 15 things you will understand if you are an optimistic person.

  1. They express gratitude

They appreciate things and are grateful for even smallest of things. They are happy to be with their friends, family and pet and every little thing that ever to them. They appreciate the small things that make it easy for them to appreciate the big moments.


  1. They have interest in other people

They are positive because they take out the time from their busy schedule to know how everyone is doing. They let people open up and share their struggles, which make it easy for the other person to feel the ray of hope. They try to help people through their struggles.

  1. They surround themselves with positive people

Having positive energy in your life and surrounding yourself with positive people is a great foundation for being optimistic. Being with negative and complaining people can drain you off your energy. They prefer to stay with positive people, to stay positive all the time. You can absorb happy and positive vibes from them.

  1. To forgive and forget

It is easy to hold grudges, but hard to learn the art of forgiving and forget. You need to be really strong to learn this art. They understand that the past is past and that cannot be changed or erased. You should learn from it and move on rather than holding it for forever.


  1. They love challenges and their life

They love their love and accept the challenges they have to face. They turn the negative situation into positive with their attitude. They always have a smile on their face which shows their confidence and how they love the things they are doing and dealing with. They know life is full of obstacles but they are grateful to be able to learn from them.

  1. They look at the bright side

They wear a positive lens and look at the positive and bright sides of every situation. They cherish the happy times like they will never come back. They look at the bright side in every challenge and learn from them.

  1. They know the importance of smile

They know that smile can have a positive impact on your well-being. And this is why they are always positive and smile even when things go wrong. A smile creates a carefree atmosphere and releases the serotine hormone that makes you feel well. It reduces the stress level, so smile.


  1. They are open minded

They are open-minded. They know they cannot control things, but they know they can learn from their experiences, face challenges, embrace the flaws and learn something new every time and they are happy with this.

  1. They ignore the negativity

They do not want anything negative to enter into their life. They only want positivity in their life. They are enthusiastic and positive and live in the happy bubble of positivity and warmth. They put aside the negativity and doubts and focus on the bright and positive side of everything.

  1. For them being optimistic is better than being pessimistic

Being pessimistic, you might feel that you are being realistic but sometimes their vibes bring negativity in the life of others and they bring down people and people start to ignore them. Being optimistic is better because it makes you feel better and the people around you too feel positive.


  1. They appreciate what they have

Time keeps on changing, so it is better to appreciate what you have because that can turn into ‘had’ at any time. Learn to enjoy what you have and you will lead a fulfilling life. Appreciate what you have at the moment.

  1. They have their own sunshine

Carry your sunshine wherever you go because depending on others to find the bright side for you will make it hard for you to find your happiness. Have a positive mindset and you can bring your own sunshine.

  1. They have faith in themselves

Even if no one else believes them, they have faith in themselves. They do not let doubts and fears define their life. They understand that trusting yourself and having self-believe is more important than anything else. They meditate and practice to increase their self-belief. They do not need others to believe in them.


  1. Rather than complaining, they try to fix things

Rather than ignoring the challenges, the optimistic people face them and try to fix them. Instead of complaining about what you do not have, appreciate what you have and find a way to get what you do not have. Do not waste your time and energy complaining.

  1. They love their true self

An optimistic person embraces their authentic story– they value their opinions and work enough to accept what is important. An optimistic person resonates with the idea that their story is so important, so unique, that they tend to have a positive mental framework to effectively tell it and live it. They don’t allow anything negative to take over who they are.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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